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As one of our valuable volunteers, we want you to be listed in the 2014 program, therefore, please submit your volunteer form by May 1st, 2014. The volunteer form will be closed at noon on Wednesday, June 11th. After this time, interested volunteers should contact the Volunteer Coordinator Amy O'Sullivan at 269.214.1257.

NOTE ON SHIFT SELECTION: WFF runs on a self-scheduling model for the May 23-June 16 shifts -- we have found this to work very well in the past. This means we do not schedule based on availability, but rather you are responsible for working ALL shifts selected below unless otherwise contacted. For the pre-festival office positions, or if there is a scheduling conflict, someone will contact you; otherwise please simply plan on showing up for the first shift you have indicated.

IMPORTANT: You will receive an email confirmation soon after submitting this form - please refer to this email for additional information and print or save for your records.

Please supply your contact information and the shifts you would like to work below. Fields in red are required. If for some reason, you are unable to complete this form online or have questions, please email or call Amy O'Sullivan at 269.214.1257 .

If you are responding to a specific advertised position, please indicate that position here:
First Name Last Name
Primary Phone
Phone #2
Phone #3
Emergency Contact Name
Emergency Contact Phone(s)
Are you over 18 years of age?  Yes   No  
T-Shirt Size (unisex)  S  M  L  XL  XXL 
How did you hear about volunteering for the festival?     
Have you ever volunteered for WFF before?  Yes   No  
If yes, how many years prior?
What position?     
If you think you could have been better utilized elsewhere, please explain:     

Office:Set-up/customer service/sales/phone & computer/special skills
(as supplied above)
Festival Set-up:Set-up of venues, beach party/special skills
(as supplied above)
Venues:Ticketing/concessions/other venue assistance/special skills
(as supplied above)
Festival Breakdown:Breakdown of venues and office

Please select the days/shifts you would like to volunteer. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR WORKING ALL SHIFTS SELECTED BELOW.

Prefestival Office
April 15 - May 22nd9am - 1pm and/or 1pm - 5pm
  Dates Available:
  Weekdays: Exceptions
  Weekends: Exceptions
Fri 5/239am - 1pm1pm - 5pm
Sat 5/249am - 1pm1pm - 5pm
Sun 5/259am - 1pm1pm - 5pm
Mon 5/269am - 1pm1pm - 5pm
Tue 5/279am - 1pm1pm - 5pm
Wed 5/289am - 1pm1pm - 5pm
Thu 5/299am - 1pm1pm - 5pm
Fri 5/309am - 2pm1pm - 5pm
Sat 5/319am - 2pm1pm - 6pm
Sun 6/19am - 2pm1pm - 6pm
Mon 6/29am - 2pm1pm - 6pm
Tue 6/39am - 2pm1pm - 6pm
Wed 6/49am - 2pm1pm - 6pm
Thu 6/59am - 2pm1pm - 6pm
Fri 6/69am - 2pm1pm - 6pm
Sat 6/7 9am - 2pm 1pm - 6pm
Sun 6/8 9am - 2pm 1pm - 6pm
Monday June 9th
Office 9am - 2pm 1pm - 6pm           5pm - 8pm   
Set-Up* 9am - 1pm 2pm - 6pm
Tuesday June 10th
Office 9am - 2pm 1pm - 6pm           5pm - 8pm   
Set-Up* 9am - 1pm 2pm - 6pm
Wednesday June 11th
Office 9am - 2pm 1pm - 6pm           5pm - 8pm   
Set-Up* 9am - 1pm 2pm - 6pm
VIP Shuttle 7am - 12pm 12pm - 6pm           6pm-12am   
Thursday June 12th
Office 8am - 1pm 1pm - 7pm           6pm-10pm   
Set-Up/Breakdown* 9am - 12pm 1pm - 6pm         11pm - 2am   
VIP Shuttle 7am - 12pm 12pm - 6pm           6pm-12am   
Venue     5:00pm - 12am
Venue     11pm - 2am
* work two set-up/breakdown shifts on the same day and dinner will be provided by WFF

Friday June 13th
Venue 8am-1pm 12:30pm-6pm 5:30pm-11:15pm 11pm-1am  
Office 7am-12pm 12pm-4pm 4pm-9pm    
VIP Shuttle/Festival Shuttle 7am-12pm 12pm-6pm 6pm-12am    
Saturday June 14th
Venue 8am-2:15pm 1:30pm-6:30pm 6pm-11:15pm 11pm-1am  
Office 7am-12pm 12pm-4pm 4pm-9pm    
VIP Shuttle/Festival Shuttle 7am-12pm 12pm-6pm 6pm-12am    
Sunday June 15th
Venue 8am-12pm 11:30am-3:30pm 3pm-6pm 5:30pm-9:15pm 8:30-11:30pm
Office 8am - 12pm 12pm - 4pm 4pm - 8pm    
VIP Shuttle/Festival Shuttle 6am-12pm 12pm-6pm 6pm-12am    
Monday June 16th (Breakdown of venues & office)
9am - 1pm
2pm - 6pm
9am - 2pm
VIP Shuttle 6am-12pm 12pm-6pm      
* work two breakdown shifts on the same day and dinner will be provided by WFF

Tell us about you experience and skills so that we may direct your volunteer efforts:

Are you involved in the film industry?  Yes   No  
      If so, tell us how:    
Do you have film projection experience?  Yes   No  
Do you have computer programming skills?  Yes   No  
      If so, please briefly indicate:    
Do you have general computer skills? Indicate software below:  Yes   No  
       PC   Mac   Word   Excel   Photoshop   Quark   Powerpoint       
Do you have sound engineering experience?  Yes   No  
Are you a licensed electrician?  Yes   No  
Are you willing to pull a trailer?  Yes   No  
Do you own or have access to a truck, van or trailer?  Yes   No  
Are you willing to do physical labor?  Yes   No  
Do you have carpentry experience?  Yes   No  
Are you willing to drive?  Yes   No  
Do you have a commercial drivers license?  Yes   No  
If yes, are you willing to drive the 1st day airport shuttle on Thursday?  Yes   No  
If yes, are you willing to drive the post-festival airport shuttle on Monday?  Yes   No  
Do you have public relations/marketing experience?  Yes   No  
Do you have restaurant, catering, or special events experience?  Yes   No  
Do you have retail experience?  Yes   No  
Have you worked in a customer service environment?  Yes   No  
Do you have security/bouncing experience?  Yes   No  
Please feel free to provide more detail for any item above:
Please tell us about any previous volunteer experience:
Do you have other special skills that would be relvant to festival volunteer positions?

Please provide any additional information on your availability if necessary:
Are you interested in being a volunteer in the weeks/months LEADING UP TO THE FESTIVAL AND/OR on a year round basis (whether once a month, once a week or on a more regular basis)? Your involvement could range from periodic office help to serving on one of our committees -- please explain below. Optionally, please also check the committee(s) you are most interested in and provide a brief description of your skills as they pertain.
       Advertising   Entertainment   Fundraising       
       Media   Office   Sponsorship       
       Technical (i.e. Film Projection)   Technology (i.e. Computer Systems)       


(269) 767-8765 / WATERFRONT FILM FESTIVAL, P.O. BOX 904, SOUTH HAVEN, MI 49090