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U.S.A., 2008, 96 mins, Color (Sexual Content, Adult Content, Language)



Writer/Director: Adam Carl
Executive producer :Yeardley Smith
Producer: Adam Carl and Christi Allen
Associate Producers: Alan Caudillo, Jay Lambert
Cinematographer: Alan Caudillo
Editor: Jonathan McCandless
Cast: Adam Carl, Amy Sloan, Patrick Day, Richie Keen, Yeardley Smith, Zibby Allen

After years of live-in domesticity, Caitlin O’Malley (Emmy winner Yeardley Smith) wants to finally tie the knot with her union activist boyfriend Jonah Cross (Adam Carl). Jonah, however, is adamantly against the institution of marriage on principle.

For their most recent “anniversary”, Jonah plans a quiet, celebratory dinner with family and friends. But when one of the party doesn’t show, the rest are forced to wait, giving type-A Jonah plenty of time to be tortured by the fledgling relationship between his younger sister Zellie (Zibby Allen) and her new boyfriend Jude Layafette (Patrick Day), a recent ex-con. Throw in the dissolving marriage of his best friend Bart Gergen (Richie Keen), and a defiant ultimatum from a fed-up Caitlin, and suddenly the night isn't shaping up quite the way Jonah had planned. There are recriminations, revelations and reparations as, thanks in large part to the shenanigans of their guests, Jonah and Caitlin are forced to deeply examine the crossroads to which they've come and make a final decision that will affect the rest of their lives.

Adam Carl and Yeardley Smith
Adam Carl (director) began his career as one of the hardest working child actors of the 1980s. He had recurring and/or guest roles on many of network television's most popular programs including Benson, Family Ties, Cheers, Newhart, The Facts Of Life, Who's the Boss?, The Tracey Ullman Show, The Bronx Zoo, Life Goes On and Designing Women, to name just a few, and was a series regular on Hearts Afire starring John Ritter and Billy Bob Thornton. More recent television credits include CSI: Miami, King of Queens and numerous characters on Days of Our Lives. Nerds and cult film fans everywhere know Adam as the voice of Donatello in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II, young tech whiz Donald Poultry in the teen exploitation flick Summer Camp Nightmare and Derek, the school bully in TriStar's The Monster Squad. Adam wrote, produced and directed the independent feature films Performance Anxiety and Pieces of Eight. He also served as an associate producer of Madison starring Jim Caviezel, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. Adam directed and co-starred in the World Premier of his play Waiting For Ophelia. He also directed Emmy-award winning actress Yeardley Smith and veteran character actor Richard Gilliland in the comedy Balancing Act which premiered at Garry Marshall's Falcon Theater in Los Angeles.

Yeardley Smith (“Caitlin O’Malley”/Executive Producer) is an Emmy award-winning actress, novelist, and playwright who has appeared on television, film and Broadway. Yeardley is undoubtedly best known as the voice of Lisa Simpson on Fox's hit television show, The Simpsons. In addition to Yeardley winning the Emmy for “Outstanding Voice-over Achievement” in 1992, the series has been awarded over two dozen Emmys to date, and begins its 21st season on the Fox Network this Fall. Yeardley just wrapped production on a new feature, High School, starring Adrien Brody and Michael Chiklis, and directed by John Stahlberg. She recently published her first novel entitled, I Lorelei, through HarperCollins Children's Books. I, Lorelei is a funny, poignant story about lasting friendship and coping with change, as told by smart, sassy, 11 year-old Lorelei Lee Connelly. Other notable film roles include 'Jackie', Greg Kinnear's personal assistant, in As Good As It Gets. 'Lulu', the boozy palm-reader, in Just Write. 'Nancy', the supermarket checkout girl, who crashes Billy Crystal's birthday party and ruins Daniel Stern's life in City Slickers. 'Connie', the screaming Southern newlywed, in Maximum Overdrive, written and directed by Stephen King and 'Putter' the smart-mouthed thirteen year old in The Legend of Billie Jean. On television, Yeardley has done guest starring roles in such shows as Dead Like Me, Dharma & Greg, Becker, Murphy Brown, Empty Nest, Brothers, Tales from the Darkside, Mama's Family and three years as 'Louise Fitzer' on Fox TV's Herman's Head . Yeardley made her Broadway debut in Tom Stoppard's hit play, The Real Thing, directed by Mike Nichols and starring Jeremy Irons and Glenn Close. In 2004, she returned to the New York stage to star in MORE, her one-woman show based on her life. The show was directed by Tony-Award winner Judith Ivey, and ran at the Union Square Theater before moving to the Falcon Theater in Los Angeles.

U.S.A., 2009, 11 mins, Animated (Family Friendly)

Directors/Producers/Editors: Shel Rasch and Justin Rasch

Gerald the dog has been scheduled for termination at 5:00 today by the Dog Pound. Can he seduce an adopter before his time runs out?

06/12/09 04:30 PMVenue 2 (SCA)
Saugatuck Center for the Arts
400 Culver Street
06/13/09 11:30 AMVenue 2 (SCA)
Saugatuck Center for the Arts
400 Culver Street