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U.S.A., 2008, 81 mins, Color (Violence, Adult Content, Language)



Directors: Chris Bessounian, Tianna Langham
Screenwriters: Chris Bessounian, Tianna Langham
Producer:Chris Bessounian, Raphael Bessounian, Andre Dos Santos, Andrew Langham, Tianna Langham, Sascha Rosemann
Cinematographer: Valentin Baerlocher
Editors: Jeffrey Adams, Chris Bessounian, Tianna Langham
Cast: Sascha Rosemann, Kris Leztec, Mieke Buchan, Ryan McGee

Paranoia grips an affluent, young mortgage broker when a bizarre stream of anonymous holiday cards start turning up all over his life and Hollywood home. Controlled and pedantic, Chadh Campbell is pulled undone by these mysterious greetings, forcing him to uncover their source.

As, one by one, he recollects the grievance and potential motivation of a long list of suspects, Chadh must confront the reality of how many people he's harmed in his life and how emotionally detached from those around him he's become. But his list fails to reveal the perpetrator, forcing Chadh to look deeper into his past and consciousness.

As clues continue to mount, denial of the culprit is no longer an option, pushing Chadh to face the consequences of a grave set of decisions he once made. Decisions that ruined countless lives, and continue to ruin them--Such as his own.

Tianna Langham and Chris Bessounian
Tianna Langham spent her first 12 years in England and India before immigrating to the United States with her family. Since then she has lived, worked and studied in Brazil, Mexico, Kenya, Austria, and India. Prior to Detached, Tianna and Chris collaborated on the award-winning short film, "The Kolaborator," which also screened at the Waterfront Film Festival. "The Kolaborator" screened at film festivals around the world and won a British Academy Award for Excellence, and many other awards. Tianna attended the Lost Angeles Film School's Immersion Filmmaking Program and Feature Development Program on a full scholarship from Film Independent (FIND). She also holds a B.A. in Political Science and Psychology from The University of Redlands.

Chris Bessounian was born in Sudan to Armenian-Egyptian parents. When the Sudanese government was overthrown, Chris and his family fled Africa to start a new life in Australia. After finishing high school, Chris focused on acting and went on to perform in TV and on stage throughout Australia. While acting, Chris became intersted in working behind the camera; documenting and telling stories of his own. He soon began shooting for Self-Raising Flower, a documentary company devoted to promoting youth awareness of global issues. Chris also shot and co-directed a 12-part documentary about the arts in Sydney. In 2004, Chris moved to England where he was an Editor for HBL Media, cutting current affairs programing for British television.
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American Legion
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