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U.S.A., 112 mins, (Sexual Content, Adult Content, Language)


This sidebar represents the change that is happening in the entertainment industry via television, web, and mobile devices. Introduced new this year, the intent is to grow a fresh platform for the 2nd and 3rd screen in a manner similar to a film festival. By allowing for even the shortest length of stories to be told, this creates an innovative source for industry professionals as well. 

Now, more than ever, independent producers, directors, writers, and actors can showcase all genres of work for television, web, cell phones and ipods to the masses. Waterfront is dedicated to promoting the arts on the big screen and small screen, including new age forms of media, in hopes to extend the success of these independent artists. 

Director: Jim Hanks 
World Premier of “Wish” marks Jim Hanks’ Directorial debut. Alice Casthlehoff has wished for 75 years to be able to fly. Through this thought-provoking piece, we realize we really do have to be careful what we wish for. 

The Floor 
Director: Jim Hanks 
World Premier of Jim Hanks' newest pilot “The Floor.” A raw, quirky, edgy half hour comedy of oddball telemarketers of “First Toner,” a copy toner company. 

Adventures with Ed 
Director: John Grooters 
Meet Ed, a guy who means well and would offer you the shirt off his back, then have no idea how ridiculous he looked shirtless for the rest of the day. Celebrating the Advent season in his own unique, off-kilter way. 

Zap Root 
An unconventional bite-sized news show that covers the fast changing world of the modern Green Revolution. With sarcasm, silliness, & sanity, host Jessica Williamson encourages you to have a better time while making a better world. ZapRoot is produced by Sarah Szalavitz and Damien Somerset of 7Robot.

Director: Harold Cronk 
Four friends from rural Ohio come together to prove to the public what they believe to be the truth behind local Crop Circles and UFO sightings. Are you ready for a little adventure? Then grab a Pabst Blue Ribbon and get you’re fanny in the van! 

National Lampoon’s – Gordo’s Road Show 
Director: Hopwood DePree 
A hybrid half-hour comedy television pilot with real people in unscripted situations deemed too bizarre, sensitive or dangerous for traditional law enforcement. Controversial and experimental, this elite squad consisting of a cop, a little person, and a psychic monkey are determined to uncover the truth.

06/14/08 04:30 PMVenue 4
American Legion
Mason Street off Butler
06/15/08 11:00 AMVenue 4
American Legion
Mason Street off Butler


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