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U.S.A., 2008, 98 mins, Color (Violence, Adult Content)



Director: Susan Morgan Cooper 
Writer: Susan Morgan Cooper 
Executive Producer: Susan Morgan Cooper
Producer: Susan Morgan Cooper 
Narrator: Keifer Sutherland 
Cast: Tom Brokaw, Peter Jennings, Morley Safer, Gordon Parks, President Clinton, Sigourney Weaver, Christie Brinkley, Alec Baldwin, Eddie Adams 

Eddie Adams is a legend. He photographed 13 wars, 6 American Presidents and every major film star in the last 50 years. History would be changed through his lens. But one photograph would haunt him his entire life. 

It was in Vietnam in 1968 that Eddie shot the definitive war photograph. General Loan, the Saigon police chief shooting a Vietcong prisoner point-blank in the head. Eddie had captured the exact moment of impact in the photograph "Saigon Execution" and won a Pulitzer Prize, and was credited with changing public opinion and helping end the Vietnam War. 

Eddie dismissed the photograph. "It was the wrong time of the day, the composition was terrible..." Instead he felt guilty about the General, an ally of the United States and the way the photograph had destroyed his life. "Two lives were destroyed that day" Eddie would lament. "That's not my job." 

After the war, in 1977, Eddie was eager to document the plight of the many thousands of refugees escaping Vietnam. Carrying some rice and a hundred dollars worth of gasoline he jumped aboard a 30 ft. boat overcrowded with people, took a series of photos, and presented them to congress. The result, 250,000 Vietnam refugees were allowed entry in the United States. After his travels he invited his famous friends, Joe Rosenthal, Gordon Parks, and Mary Ellen Mark to come and teach the photography students every fall. They all came because Eddie inspired them to do so. Every year at the close of the workshop, in a heartfelt ceremony, photographers would lay sunflowers on the stone memorial Eddie had built to honor his fellow photographers killed in Vietnam.

Susan Morgan Cooper
Susan Morgan Cooper was born in a tiny village in Wales, where her parents put on plays to raise money for charity.  Susan came to America as an actress scoring a small role in a Clint Eastwood movie.  she soon discovered however that film editing excited her much more than acting.  Where she met a young Croatian girl displaced by the Balkan War, Susan felt compelled to make her first documentary "Mirjana, One Girl's Journey."

A project Susan is developing with "Fairplay Pictures" centers around the street children of Rio and the Death Squads that routinely murder them.  

8 years ago Susan made a film about a remarkable cop in East Los Angeles, who turned around the lives of a group of gang kids, grooming them into a winning roller hockey team.   "I made a promise to them all that one day I would make a real movie about them.  This is the year!"  In 2008 Susan is set to direct the feature film based on their story called "Roadrunners".

          DAY'S WORK, A
U.S.A., 2008, 17 mins, Color


Director: Rajeen Dassani


Three immigrant laborers are picked up off the street to help a family move but when the husband's wallet goes missing things go terribly wrong.

06/14/08 09:00 AMVenue 2 (SCA)
Saugatuck Center for the Arts
400 Culver Street
06/15/08 07:00 PMVenue 2 (SCA)
Saugatuck Center for the Arts
400 Culver Street


(269) 767-8765 / WATERFRONT FILM FESTIVAL, P.O. BOX 904, SOUTH HAVEN, MI 49090