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U.S.A., 2008, 13 mins, Color/B&W

Director: Joshua A. Kinne
Screenwriter: Joshua A. Kinne 
Producer: Stephen Niebauer 
Cinematographer: Aaron Ruby, Stephen Niebauer
Editors: Eric Taylor, Kevin Parson, Stephen Niebauer, Joshua A. Kinne
Cast: Alicia Clark, Jonathan Fegel, Cassie Moye, Gabriel Kinne

Location, Subject, Creators all Michigan Natives

A movie about a documentary, about a film, about taking pictures. Strange occurrences mark the basement of a university photography and film department.  What would happen if you took a picture of the saddest thing to you?

Joshua A. Kinne
Joshua A. Kinne has wanted to make movies his entire life since his mother told him an astrnaut would be too dangerous.  He is currently a film/video Senior at Grand Valley State University.  He aspires to write and direct feature films one day and recently just completed his 16mm thesis, Lady Sunshine.


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