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U.S.A., 2004, 81 mins, Color (Sexual Content, Adult Content, Language)

Director Bess Wiley
Screenwriter Linda Voorhees
Executive Producer Jerry Heller
Producer Bess Wiley
Cinematographer Chris Johnson, Mark Ritchie
Editor Brett Truett, Bess Wiley
Music David Vaught
Production Designer Michael Voelker
Cast Wendie Malick, Justin Long, Ed Begley, Jr., Stephan Root, Shirley Jones, Tippi Hedren
Casting Ricki Maslar


A black little comedy on the nature of love, war and parenting in a family of obsessive compulsives.
All Nancy Nestor ever wanted to be was the perfect wife and mother. But she is at her wits' end trying to talk her teenage genius son out of the bathroom. It's been three months now that Hal's locked himself in as he works on a mathematical equation that involves watching the cheerleader next-door bounce on a trampoline.

As the story opens, Hal is nominated class valedictorian. Nancy's desperate to have Hal give the speech. Hal's desperate to have Nancy give him his brand new computer to work on his equations in the bathroom. The more Nancy becomes determined to lure him out with the computer, the more Hal becomes entrenched and refuses to give the speech. This means war!

Nancy's husband Dwight tries to help but is too wrapped up in collecting-well-EVERYTHING to be much help.

Events spin out of control as the house is burglarized. Hal remains locked in the bathroom but manipulates the thieves into leaving the computer at his bathroom door and stealing Nancy's few precious possessions instead. The burglary brings Officer Hunter to inspect the crime scene. When he finds Hal locked in the bathroom, he immediately suspects Hal is being held hostage and notifies Social Services.

Dr. Curly Weeks, noted psychologist, enters the fray and comes to Nancy's aid-in more ways than one-to develop a program that just might get Hal out of the bathroom!

Bess Wiley
Bess Wiley's experience includes camera work, writing, producing and directing. Her camera credits range from Director of Photography on a series of documentaries, Children's Web, Mixed Marriage, Congress Queens, to assistant/operator on Lethal Weapon, Lethal Weapon II, Back to The Beach, Cobra, Poltergeist II, Everybody's All American, The Boy Who Could Fly. As a writer, she has won numerous awards including the Women In Film/Eleanor Perry Award. In addition, Wiley produces, directs and co-owns Bessmar Productions, a commercial and video production company.
06/11/05 04:30 PMVenue 1 (SYS)
Saugatuck Yacht Services
868 Holland Street
06/12/05 11:30 AMVenue 3 (HS)
Saugatuck High School Auditorium
401 Elizabeth Street