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U.S.A., 2013, 12 mins, Color

Director: Meg Smaker

A meditation on meth. There is and island on the delta 45 minutes east of San Francisco that is infested with Crystal Meth. In this documentary we explore the island and its inhabitants' relationship to the drug. Four characters will take us on the journey of an addict: from the first states, to the comedown and finally the long road to recovery.

Meg Smaker
Meg received her BA in Political, Legal, and Economic Analysis (focusing on international analysis) from Mills College. She has conducted field research in Somalia, The Balkans, and North Africa. Meg has presented her fieldwork in Washington DC and was also a guest lecturer at Columbia University. She has traveled to over 40 countries and worked in the Middle East for over half a decade. This wanderlust is what first sparked her interest in documentary films, which lead to an internship at National Geographic Television where she won PichFest 2010. She is particularly interested in documentaries about conflict zones. Meg fused her lust for political economies in war-torn countries with her love of art to create Somalia and The Piracy Bell Curve, an animated academic documentary about Piracy and State Building in Somalia. She also produced Sex, Drugs, & Student Loans, a documentary that explores the growing number of students who are entering into the sex industry to help pay for the rising cost of higher education. This documentary won her the Diamond Award at the 2011 California Film Awards. Meg enjoys using unconventional methods in her films, such as animation or humor, to present heavy topics in the hopes that this will disarm the audience and streamline complex issues to make them more tangible to the masses.


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