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120 mins,


Listiak Auditorium
South Haven, Michigan

Saturday, June 15 at 9:00am

New to the Festival this year is the Waterfront Film Festival Youth Showcase. The free event will take place Saturday, June 15, 2013 at 9am in the Listiak Auditorium located at 600 Elkenburg Street, South Haven. The fun starts with five short films, written, produced, and staring students from the South Haven, Bangor, and Covert area. This will be followed up with a collection of professionally made independent children's films. Visiting film industry professional Robert Hoffman, will provide commentary and give students a chance to ask questions and discuss the components of good filmmaking.  
The five short films from area students include:
Tom Stone...Covert High School
Weather of the Mind...Bangor Homeschool Partnership
Small Town Education...Bangor Homeschool Partnership
The Black Death: Turning the Tables of Serfdom...South Haven High School
The Discovery of the New World and its Effects of the Slave Trade...South Haven High School

The collection of professionally made children's films include:

Tooth Tale: a traditionally animated short tells the story of Tommy Malloy, a 6-year old boy who loses his first tooth.
Wiggle Room: the tale of a slug who ventures into a new world but discovers the vibrant colors and delicious treats disguise an evil lurking nearby.
Pasteurized: while conducting experiments on a quiet night, a scientist receives an unexpected visitor - whose arrival will change everything.
The Wheel: a visually imaginative tale of a dutiful young man, fated to maintain the balance of the world – and his mischievous sister, determined to test the balance.
The Fox and the Chickadee: a charming stop-motion animated fable that tells the story of a starving fox and a cunning chickadee, who find themselves trapped in a standoff.
Make It a Great Day: Mother Nature’s peculiar sense of irony creates a convoluted path of survival for a newborn chick with unfortunate timing.
Buy Buy Baby: Things are looking great for Frederick Frinklesworth in the roaring twenties but when his daughter Betty is left in his care for the day can Fredrick and Wall Street survive the mayhem that ensues?

The event was made possible in part with a Youth Leaders grant from the Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs.

The Showcase will feature guest commentary from filmmaker ROBERT HOFFMAN
Robert Hoffman began his editing career while enrolled in the Graduate Program of the USC School of Cinematic Arts, where he received an MFA in Production. While enrolled, he worked as an assistant editor for an independent film company; after graduating, he continued assisting as well as working as a post-production supervisor.
In the early part of his career, he teamed up with Hopwood DePree and Dina Chapman, editing “Rhinoskin: The Making of a Movie Star,” after which he collaborated with Hopwood on “The Last Big Attraction.” 

Hoffman met director/writer Terry Zwigoff while supervising the post-production of "Ghost World." He made what one may call "an uncredited contribution" to the cutting of the dark teen comedy, and followed that up with editing Zwigoff’s “Bad Santa” and “Art School Confidential.” He also edited the director’s cut of "Bad Santa,” which was honored by Roger Ebert at his 2006 Overlooked Film Festival where it received its first public screening. Hoffman also worked with Zwigoff on some previously unused footage for the Criterion Collection’s release of his celebrated documentaries, “Louie Bluie” and “Crumb.” And, speaking of unused footage: they worked together on a still-unseen TV edit of “Bad Santa,” with some of the cleverest TV dialogue ever recorded! 

In addition to “Syrup ” (currently at WFF), Hoffman's recent credits include “Grace Unplugged,” a family drama that will be an upcoming Lionsgate release; the indie comedy-drama “Norman,” which was available on DVD on May 7 (and had one of its first screenings at Waterfront in 2010); the factual Boston crime drama “What Doesn’t Kill You”; the Showtime family film "Fathers and Sons”; and the nonlinear romantic underworld saga “The Air I Breathe.” Hoffman has been a frequent presence at the Sundance film festival, most recently with the 2010 premiere of "Skateland” (another Waterfront film). Additionally, he was the film editor on Jane Weinstock’s romantic, female-driven comedy-drama "Easy" (Sundance 2004), on the Daniel Barnz feature “Phoebe in Wonderland” (Sundance 2008); and on the aforementioned “Art School Confidential” (which premiered at the festival in 2006).
06/15/13 09:00 AMVenue 1 (LSK)
Listiak Auditorium
600 Elkenberg St, South Haven