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Canada, 2012, 8 mins, Animated (Family Friendly)

Director/Screenwriter/Lead Animator: Evan DeRushie

This charming stop-motion animated fable tells the story of a starving fox and a cunning chickadee, who find themselves trapped in a standoff. Without chance on his side, the chickadee turns the tables on the fox by proposing a plan that would feed him for the winter (instead of just a 'snack'). But there's a catch: the two will need to work together to steal the feast.

Evan DeRushie
After graduating from the film and television program at Sheridan Collage, Evan has been consistently creating new and original work. He has worked as a professional animator at Cuppa Coffee Studios on multiple TV series’, and with the National Film Board of Canada on a stereoscopic short film called The Circling Sea Turtle. His involvement in the animation scene has extended to running workshops with TIFF, The Toronto Animated Images Society, Story Planet and Sheridan College.
Outside of stop-motion, he continues to experiment with music videos and inventive filmmaking techniques of all kinds. Whether it’s a crowd-based paper rotoscope project, or a ride through a model railroad from the perspective of a miniature train, Evan is continually trying to push his craft into uncharted territory- and have fun doing it.
While growing up as an animator in a professional TV studio environment, he was developing his own short film on the side- a fable titled The Fox and the Chickadee. In 2011 he produced, directed and animated the film, with the help of Cuppa Coffee and the NFB.


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