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U.S.A., 2011, 52 mins, Color


Director/Screenwriter: Cory McAbee
Producers: Cory McAbee, Scott Miller, Steve Holmgren
Co-Producer: Amy McAbee
Director of Photography: Scott Miller
Editor: Matt Cowan
Music: The Billy Nayer Show

A seven year old girl takes her two year old brother on a voyage of chance and fantasy. They begin their journey by following a star chart that they had created by splashing paint on an old envelope. They search city streets, store windows and garbage for star shaped images that coincide with the dots on their map. On their adventure they meet a one eyed man who they view as a dangerous cyclops. In an attempt to connect with the children the cyclops tries to describe a nativity scene, but without all the facts. The children’s interpretation of his story sends them on a quest to find a time machine in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

Cory McAbee
Cory McAbee is the singer/songwriter for the musical group, The Billy Nayer Show. His first film was the hand painted animated musical short, Billy Nayer. It premiered at the 1992 Sundance Film Festival. In 1995 McAbee returned to the Sundance Film festival with a live musical stage presentation of his early short films. 
The screenplay for his first feature film, The American Astronaut, was accepted into the Sundance Screenwriter lab and has gone on to win numerous awards and continues to play theaters, festivals and universities worldwide.
In 2007 Cory McAbee was commissioned by the Sundance Film Festival and GSM Association to create a short film for newly emerging mobile phone film distribution technologies. Following this experience McAbee became involved in alternative forms of self distribution. In 2009 he created the episodic feature film, Stingray Sam. Stingray Sam was written and designed for screens of all sizes. It premiered at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival as part of the New Frontier Program. Stingray Sam has won awards world wide and continues to screen.


          DE 54
Netherlands, 2010, 14 mins, Color


Director: Philip Hering

In the push and squeeze of the metro, a disturbing scene unfolds under Eve’s eyes: a man seems to be taking a girl somewhere against her will. Should she interfere?

Philip Hering was trained at N.F.T.V.A., the Netherlands Film Academy. As a Dutch filmmaker, he has accumulated many film credits, mostly in cinematography in theatrical films, television drama and commercials. He had the privilege to work with many talented directors and actors on these projects and over the years many of them encouraged him in his ambition to work as a director. Due to its form and content the scrip for the short film ‘the 54’ was well suited for his debut in directing. With his experience in cinematography Philip was able to give this film the visual power needed to tell the story.
Despite the fact that cinematography still constitutes the major part of his professional life, ‘the 54’ marks Philip's ambition to work as a film director in the future.
06/14/13 02:00 PMVenue 3A (MTA)
Michigan Theatre
210 Center Street, South Haven
06/15/13 11:30 AMVenue 3B (MTB)
Michigan Theatre
210 Center Street, South Haven