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Denmark, 2010, 9 mins, Color


Director: Kristian Ussing Andersen

Jonas Andersen is a sensitive young kid who is being bullied at school. His father tries to help him out by telling him the story of their oldest ancestor – the first Dane named Anders. The First Anders was an atypical viking, who got kicked out of his village because he refused to fight. He was then captured by a rivaling village where he was treated even worse. A bloody war broke out, ultimately killing all men from both villages, and leaving Anders to fulfill the needs of all the women. This is why there are so many people named Andersen in Denmark to this day. It used to mean ”Son of Anders”. The uplifting story convinces Jonas to take a pacifist approach to his aggressors at school and unfortunately fails terribly. In the end Jonas' father must try a different approach to comfort his son.


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