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UK, 2007, 109 mins, Color (Sexual Content, Adult Content, Language, Nudity)


Director: Peter Howitt 
Screenwriter: Peter Howitt
Executive Producer: Hani Farsi
Producers: Peter Howitt, Richard Johns 
Cinematographer: Zoran Veljikovic 
Editor: David Barrett
Composer: Andre Barreau
Cast: Peter Howitt, Saffron Burrows, Sean Pertwee, Rachael Stirling, Tom Conti, Alic Evans, Victor McGuire.

Noah Arkwright is a cult director in the indie film world and his life is on a crash course, with Noah steering himself towards his own destruction. His life is one of success and excess. Everything--alcohol, drugs, girls, fame--that Noah can get his hands on he wolfs down with an insatiable hunger.  He is running towards a brick wall--alcoholism and drug addiction have him firmly in their grasp--but Noah has no interest in acknowledging either until Kirstin, a young alcoholic who has 'seen the light', manages to convince Noah that he is heading for destruction and sets him on the path to reclaim himself. With the help of his best friend Ray, Noah attempts to right his ship, and when fate sends him a guardian angel in the shape of cellist Clare Mathesson, Noah tries even harder to shift his focus from self-abuse to self-preservation--and on the road to selflessness. However, this is when Mother Nature deals him the cruelest blow of all.

Peter Howitt

Peter Howitt is an English actor and film director. He first found success playing Joey Boswell in the British TV series, Bread. In 1998 he wrote and directed his first film, Sliding Doors (1998). Since then he has directed several films, including AntiTrust (2001), Johnny English (2003), Laws of Attraction (2004) and Dangerous Parking (2008) which he directed, in addition to playing the lead role.

06/12/10 09:00 PMVenue 2 (SCA)
Saugatuck Center for the Arts
400 Culver Street
06/13/10 04:30 PMVenue 2 (SCA)
Saugatuck Center for the Arts
400 Culver Street


(269) 767-8765 / WATERFRONT FILM FESTIVAL, P.O. BOX 904, SOUTH HAVEN, MI 49090