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Australia, 2008, 62 mins, (Family Friendly)


Australia, 2008, 62 minutes, Color (FF)
Directors: Jonno Durrant, Stefan Hunt
Screenwriter:Jonno Durrant, Stefan Hunt
Executive Producers: Jonno Durrant, Stefan Hunt
Cinematographer: Jonno Durrant, Stefan Hunt
Editor: Jonno Dorrant, Stefan Hunt
Cast: Jonno Dorrant, Stefan Hunt

In August 2006, Jonno and Stefan flew to California to embark on their quest to surf...ALL 50 States. 'Impossible!'... I hear you say, but not for these young adventurers! They surfed waves on the coastal states, but for the inland states they had to improvise. In Idaho they rode their surfboards down a huge pile of potatoes, in Texas they were towed by a cowboy and his horse on their surfboards, in Vermont they surfed down some snow runs, and in Kansas they surfed a Wizard Of Oz stage play.

Over 7 months, Jonno and Stefan traveled in an old ice cream truck, donated by surfing sponsor, Hurley. Clocking up over 20,000 miles at a rate of 8 miles to the gallon, and breaking down regularly, allowed the boys to discover the diversity of the USA. Being a low budget road trip, the boys challenged themselves to not paying for a nights accommodation, forcing them to meet hospitable individuals or consequently sleep in the freezing ice cream truck. Jonno and Stefan's fun-loving nature allowed them to share the stoke of surfing with individuals throughout the USA, despite the majority of the states being landlocked. Through this interaction with locals, the boys learned a lot about the American culture and had an awesome time doing it. They hope to inspire people of all ages to get out and explore the world, in their own unique fun way.
    --National Film Festival for Talented Youth

About Jonno and Stefan

Jonno: I have surfed in USA, Mexico, Canada, Indonesia, England, Portugal (where I taught surfing for 4 months), Spain, France, Morocco and Iceland (VERY cold!). Other interests include; everything about music, camping, traveling, movies (making and watching), skating, collecting tablecloths (just kidding!), cruising, Jesus, keeping busy, curling (very interesting), making people laugh, laughing at people (or with people), trying my best to dance, experiencing new foods, talking (...and listening), playing all kinds of sport, and eating olives (seriously!). My favourite Ice-Cream flavour is Blood Orange Gelato (but I’m not a vampire!)

Stefan: grew up in Dubbo. Moved to Sydney when i was 12. Life’s good to me. I got rad family, awesome mates and I live in Manly, Sydney. I like making films, surfing, snowboarding, art, getting crunk on the D-floor, mexican food, In & Out burgers, sleeping, New York, batman, meeting new people, traveling, jaffa ice cream, illin’, chillin’ not really killin’.