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United Kingdom, 2007, 85 mins, Color (Sexual Content, Violence, Language)


Director: Gareth Lewis
Screenwriter: Gareth Lewis
Producers: Justin Williams, Dan Shepherd, Damian Lewis, Adrian Sturges
Cinematographer: Sean Bobbitt
Editor: Alan Strachan
Principal Cast: Damian Lewis, Kate Ashfield, Michael Gambon

Milo (Damian Lewis) is a hitman. He’s unhappy with his lot. He wants to change his life. But things are not that simple; his former employers don’t like their hitmen walking out on them. So, when fellow assassin Bjorn (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau), a creepy killer with a penchant for surgical gloves, is assigned to take Milo’s life, he flees to the village of Gwynfyd in Wales, moving into the empty local bakery to hide out until he can plan his next move. Passing himself off as Milo Shakespeare, the new village baker, the retired assassin attempts to blend in to village life, striking up a sparky relationship with the local vet, Rhiannon (Kate Ashfield). But when Eggs (Dyfan Dwyfor) spots Milo burying his assassin’s tools up on the moors, the new baker’s true identity is revealed. And with villages proving poor places to keep secrets, well, secret, it is not long before the locals know of Milo’s shady background. And when the mischievous Eggs informs the villagers that ‘the baker’ is just a cover being used by a contract killer, the locals, one by one, visit the new arrival and ‘order a cake’ for another local person. The villagers mistakenly believe they are hiring Milo to kill their local foes. Milo, meanwhile, is oblivious to their murderous intent, and simply carries on trying to bake. As a series of strange events unfold, and Bjorn finally tracks down his man, Milo is forced into action: if this baker wants to have his cake and eat it, he must face his past as well as embrace his future.

Gareth Lewis
Gareth grew up in north-west London, the youngest of four children. He started writing while at school and soon realized this was a far better way to pass the time than actually working. Soon, general creative writing had been distilled into screen writing. It was while working in Mexico in 1994 as third Assistant Director for a soap opera that he started writing his first feature screenplay based on his experiences there (it’s tucked in a drawer somewhere). After returning to England he found work as a runner on the feature film Mojo, and then continued to work as a runner and script reader for the next couple of years until realizing that he would rather be writing and directing scripts than reading them. That was when he went to work in a pub while beginning to writing his screenplay for The Baker, initially called Shakespeare’s Cake. His short films include “Tears of a Clown” and “Normal for Norfolk.” He is married to Kate and father of two girls, Malika and Clementine and still lives in north-west London.

U.S.A., 2009, 19 mins, Color (Violence, Adult Content, Language)



Director: Tommy Smeltzer

Longtime mobster Lou Bagetta knows an unexpected visit is never good news, so when fellow gangster Joey Gusto drops by it comes down to a battle of wits.

06/12/09 11:30 AMVenue 2 (SCA)
Saugatuck Center for the Arts
400 Culver Street
06/14/09 09:00 PMVenue 2 (SCA)
Saugatuck Center for the Arts
400 Culver Street


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