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Mayor's Film Festival Fishbake


Michigan Film Office Advisory Council Meeting

Join us for this free open-to-the-public event! Get your questions answered by the Governor appointed Michigan Film Office Advisory Council as they meet in an open forum for an informative discussion about the latest developments in the Michigan film industry.  No Cost.


Opening Night on South Beach: energetic outdoor concert, special guest appearances, and movie under the stars.  


Aboard the Carousel - (Midwest Premiere)

In this sexy suburban comedy, promiscuous Daphne gives intimacy lessons to a shy art tutor Alex, while her teenage brother Vincent encounters the opposite sex for the first time.
Preceded by: Square of the Cube, The

Arlo and Julie - (Michigan Premiere)

As a neurotic couple puts together a mysterious puzzle that arrives piece by piece through the mail, their fragile relationship begins to fall apart in this quirky romantic comedy. OFFICIAL SELECTION, SXSW FILM FESTIVAL
Preceded by: I Do

Being Awesome - (Midwest Premiere)

This fun-loving comedy centers on old high school classmates, Lloyd and Teddy, who reconnect at their high school reunion and make a pact to recover their lost hopes and dreams – and to be awesome.
Preceded by: Deserted

BFFs - (Michigan Premiere)

A thought-provoking comedy revolving around two best friends, one lie, five couples, and the three days that could change everything. Featuring Larisa Olenyik (Pretty Little Liars), Richard Moll (Nightcourt), Sean Maher (Brian’s Song) and Molly Hagan (Election, Herman’s Head).
Preceded by: Heart to Heart

Boy Meets Girl - (Midwest Premiere)

This “anything goes” comedy follows the friendship and coming-of-age modern romance between a boy and his best friend – who also happens to be a transgender girl.
Preceded by: Barbie Boy

Cas & Dylan - (Midwest Premiere)

Academy Award winner Richard Dreyfuss stars as an aging doctor who inadvertently winds up on the lam with an 'anything-but-normal' 22-year-old girl (Tatiana Maslany) in this comedic drama directed by Jason Priestley.
Preceded by: Pink Balloons

Chu and Blossom - (Midwest Premiere)

Trapped in a small Southern town, a Korean foreign-exchange student forges an unlikely friendship with a whack-job performance artist in this hilarious coming-of-age comedy. With Alan Cumming, Academy Award winner Mercedes Ruehl, Annie Potts, Melanie Lynskey and Chris Marquette.
Preceded by: Handi & V

Coffee, Kill Boss - (Midwest Premiere)

When ten executives secretly meet to sell off their company, they're murdered one by one in this darkly comedic romp through the halls of corporate America. Starring Academy Award nominee Robert Forster, Eddie Jemison (Hung; Ocean’s Eleven) and Noureen Dewulf (Anger Management).
Preceded by: A Good Match

Copenhagen - (Michigan Premiere)

In this stirring dramatic comedy, William delves into his family's past during a visit to Copenhagen, and makes an unexpected connection with a young woman who challenges everything he thought he knew. AUDIENCE AWARD, BEST NARRATIVE FEATURE, SLAMDANCE FILM FESTIVAL.
Preceded by: Twinkle, Twinkle

Craters of the Moon - (Midwest Premiere)

In this chilling psychological thriller, a married couple stranded in the back roads of the Idaho lava rock desert watch their relationship deteriorate under the pressures of starvation, hypothermia and wild dogs.
Preceded by: Undertow

Empire of Dirt - (Midwest Premiere)

Three generations of First Nations women struggle to deal with the demons of their past in this heartfelt drama. A single mother and recovering addict, aspires to raise her troubled thirteen-year-old daughter by moving in with her estranged mother. SPECIAL JURY PRIZE, TORONTO INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL

Father-Like Son - (Midwest Premiere)

A recent college graduate scrambles to cope in this hilarious comedy when his widowed mother marries a new stepfather his own age, while also awkwardly pursuing a romance of his own.
Preceded by: Upstairs

Finding Neighbors - (Michigan Premiere)

A comedic drama about the relationships that develop between three sets of next-door neighbors in Los Angeles as they explore creativity, aging, mortality, sexuality and friendship. Starring Michael O’Keefe and Catherine Dent (The Shield).
Preceded by: New Neighbor, The

I Put A Hit On You - (Michigan Premiere)

Harper accidentally hires a hitman to kill her ex-boyfriend Ray in this hilarious and gripping comedy, and then is forced to team up with him to stop it. OFFICIAL SELECTION, SLAMDANCE FILM FESTIVAL.
Preceded by: Other Side, The

Jake Squared - (Michigan Premiere)

In this compelling comedy starring Elias Koteas, Jennifer Jason-Leigh, Jane Seymour and Academy Award nominee Virginia Madsen, a filmmaker’s project spirals out of control when figures from his past show up with advice on how to fix his screwed-up life.
Preceded by: Landscrapers "The Guys Get Blindsided"

King of Herrings - (Midwest Premiere)

Four layabouts dream big in a 'small change' world of cards, women, and endless cups of coffee. Written, directed and starring Eddie Jemison (Hung; Ocean’s Eleven).
Preceded by: David Sedaris' The Learning Curve

Knuckle Jack - (Midwest Premiere)

When a small town foul-mouthed drunk with an artistic gift for thievery is entrusted with his young niece for the summer, the question is not if he is ready for the task at hand -- but is she?
Preceded by: Dear Santa

Lawrence & Holloman - (Midwest Premiere)

In this dark and twisted comedy, an ever-optimistic suit salesman takes a cynical and suicidal credit collector under his wing -- and everything starts to go wrong, very wrong.
Preceded by: Happy Birthday

Odd Way Home, The - (Michigan Premiere)

Starring Rumer Willis. A woman escaping her troubled life embarks on an unforgettable road trip with a socially awkward hermit, finding happiness in the unlikeliest places and seeing in each other what no one else has seen before, in this inspirational drama.
Preceded by: Gift, The

Rezeta - (Midwest Premiere)

In this romantic-comedy, a jet-setting model must choose between her freewheeling lifestyle and making a commitment to the young artist she falls in love with during a commercial shoot in Mexico City. GRAND JURY PRIZE, BEST NARRATIVE FEATURE, SLAMDANCE FILM FESTIVAL
Preceded by: Booth

Sister - (Midwest Premiere)

Starring Academy Award nominee Barbara Hershey, Reid Scott, John Heard and Illeana Douglas, this poignant family drama follows a well-meaning brother who takes in his delinquent sister. OFFICIAL SELECTION, TRIBECA FILM FESTIVAL

Sublime and Beautiful, The - (Midwest Premiere)

After losing their children to a drunk driver, David and Kelly's marriage hits a breaking point as they embark on different paths to make things right in this heartwrenching drama. BEST NARRATIVE FEATURE NOMINEE, SLAMDANCE FILM FESTIVAL
Preceded by: This Dog's Life

Wild Canaries - (Midwest Premiere)

In this hilarious mystery starring Emmy Award nominee Jason Ritter (Parenthood) and Alia Shawkat (Arrested Development), a Brooklyn couple suspects foul play when their rent-controlled neighbor suddenly drops dead.


Brave Miss World - (Michigan Premiere)

Linor Abargil won Miss World in 1998. What nobody knew was that she had been stabbed and raped in Milan just six weeks before. This empowering documentary chronicles one woman's quest to turn personal tragedy into global awareness.
Preceded by: Robber, The

Bronx Obama - (Midwest Premiere)

A Barack Obama impersonator from the Bronx tries to cash in on his uncanny resemblance to the President, while hitting the road with fellow impersonators “Mitt Romney” and “Bill Clinton” in this funny documentary.
Preceded by: Gynotician, The

Fight Church - (Michigan Premiere)

Can you really love your neighbor as yourself and then punch him in the face? Pastors and popular fighters quest to reconcile their Christian faith with a sport that many consider violent and barbaric in this action-packed documentary.
Preceded by: Peace During War

Kidnapped For Christ - (Michigan Premiere)

This jarring documentary follows a young, evangelical filmmaker inside a controversial, Christian teen behavior modification program in the Dominican Republic. AUDIENCE AWARD, BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE, SLAMDANCE FILM FESTIVAL.
Preceded by: Picture Show

Little Hope Was Arson

January 2010: In the buckle of the Bible Belt, 10 churches burn to the ground in just over a month igniting the largest criminal investigation in East Texas history. Families are torn apart and communities of faith struggle with forgiveness and justice in this incredible true story.
Preceded by: Facing Fear

Love Child - (Midwest Premiere)

A shocking documentary on the first fatality attributed to “internet addiction.” A young couple in Seoul, South Korea, allow their newborn baby to starve to death while they devote their lives to raising a fictional child in an online fantasy world. GRAND JURY PRIZE NOMINEE, WORLD CINEMA DOCUMENTARY, SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL.
Preceded by: A Grand Canal

No Cameras Allowed - (Midwest Premiere)

In this music filled, MTV produced documentary, find out what it feels like to sneak backstage and hang with world famous artists like Mumford and Sons, Skrillex, Jay Z, Coldplay and more as die-hard music fan James Marcus Haney slips into some of the world’s biggest music festivals.
Preceded by: Help Point

Small Small Thing - (Michigan Premiere)

This hard-hitting documentary examines the rape culture endemic in parts of Africa through the high-profile case of 7-year-old Liberian Olivia Zinnah.
Preceded by: Hotline

This May Be the Last Time - (Midwest Premiere)

After the 1962 disappearance of his grandfather, a Native American filmmaker investigates his family history in this compelling documentary featuring traditional Native American hymns sung by those who searched for him. OFFICIAL SELECTION, SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL

Whitey: United States of America v. James J. Bulger - (Midwest Premiere)

Oscar-nominee Joe Berlinger's latest documentary film begins when James 'Whitey' Bulger is arrested and follows his trial while exploring the man and the corruption that plagued Boston for years. Entertainment Weekly’s “Summer Movies To See” 2014. OFFICIAL SELECTION, SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL
Preceded by: Methel Island

Who Took Johnny - (Michigan Premiere)

An examination into the infamous thirty-year-old cold case behind the disappearance of Iowa paperboy Johnny Gosch, the first missing child to appear on a milk carton.
Preceded by: Jonathan's Chest


Networking Seminars

Connect with talented artists. Actors, directors and producers from the silver screen and television share their stories, views and answer questions. In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to mingle and network. Two seminars for the price of one! 

   Narrative Short

A Good Match - (Michigan Premiere)

Ann doesn't miss her ex-boyfriend, but she does miss...his mom. Ann decides to give the friendship another try.

A Grand Canal - (Midwest Premiere)

A Greek tragedy told in Chinese pop music. The tragic events of a boat captain trying to collect a debt to save his fleet of boats, as remembered by his ten year old son.

Ahora, No

Spain,1977. Colonel Asensio has gathered his family and friends to celebrate his birthday. However, one of the guests holds a secret, buried for many years.

Barbie Boy - (Michigan Premiere)

Bobby, an imaginative 7-year-old, takes a personal journey when his father calls into question his favorite toy, the classic Barbie doll.

Booth - (U.S. Premiere)

A loving wife. A cheating husband. A disabled son and one phone call to change everything.

Boy and the Bus, The

After his mum dies, Joe won't give up on a life that has fallen apart.

Butcher's Dozen, The - (Michigan Premiere)

A twelve-toed butcher, a prostitute, and a fisherman confront their own shortcomings and struggles with a life that has not always dealt them the best of cards.

David Sedaris' The Learning Curve - (Midwest Premiere)

An adaption of an essay by New York Times Best Selling essayist David Sedaris, this film follows Sedaris' struggles to teach creative writing in an art institute.

Dear Santa - (Midwest Premiere)

When Ann Dunham asks Santa Clause to turn her into a boy for Christmas, her request throws her conservative mother into a tailspin.


In this hilariously quirky comedy two best friends, at odds, are coming back from a costumed convention, when they find themselves stranded on the side of the road in the middle of nowhere.

Gift, The - (Michigan Premiere)

Grace is forced to face her own sexuality and the strain on her marriage when her son Charlie, who has Cerebral Palsy, asks to lose his virginity for his birthday.

Gynotician, The - (Midwest Premiere)

This short parody is about a woman who goes for an exam and finds that the person examining her is not a real physician but a Gynotician, a politician.

Happy Birthday - (Midwest Premiere)

A high strung woman, on the day of a career changing deadline, is repeatedly disturbed by her noisy neighbor. Her choice to confront the nuisance upstairs will change her life forever.

Heart to Heart - (Midwest Premiere)

A cardiovascular love story...Maggie Cardioid, a (literally) heartless girl, longs for love on the eve of Valentine's Day. An encounter with a double-hearted guy leads to unexpected results.

Help Point - (Midwest Premiere)

A young man who has lost his car in a huge airport car park meets a beautiful woman in the same predicament. Stuck together at the Help Point, his attempt to charm her does not quite work out as planned.

Hotline - (Midwest Premiere)

A crisis hotline worker gets a call from someone whose life she's not sure she wants to save.

I Do - (Midwest Premiere)

Tim is having second thoughts about the big day. His lifelong best friend Brian stands right by his side encouraging him to trust his heart as he prepares to say the two biggest words of his life.

Jonathan's Chest - (Michigan Premiere)

Everything changes for Alex, a troubled teenage boy, in this suspenseful drama when he is awoken one night by someone claiming to be his brother, who disappeared years earlier.

Jump - (Midwest Premiere)

On his 13th birthday, Edwin Albatross defies the faded traditions of his clown family and embarks on a daring quest to become a trapeze artist in this inspiring comedy.

Landscrapers "The Guys Get Blindsided" - (World Premiere)

Three clueless landscapers concoct a plan to redeem themselves and make it rich.

Man of the House - (World Premiere)

While dealing with the recent abandonment by his father and his mother's distress, a young boy will confront his fear of a mysterious sound coming from their basement.

Mary - (Midwest Premiere)

Divorced and alone, Craig meets the ethereal Mary, who might be the girl of his dreams. Now he just needs to find out if he's awake. A dark comedy with a twist of magical realism.

Monkey Rag - (Michigan Premiere)

A traditionally animated throwback to the musical cartoons of yore, this story follows Mitzi as she pursues a disaster of her own making in a richly colored world where reason is overrated.

More Than Two Hours - (Michigan Premiere)

It's 3 AM. A boy and a girl are wandering in the city. They are looking for a hospital to cure the girl, but it is much harder than they thought.

New Neighbor, The - (Midwest Premiere)

An older couple's dull life, void of passion and excitement, unexpectedly changes when they begin spying on the new neighbor.

One Please - (Midwest Premiere)

Mommy and Daddy love you...very, very much.

Other Side, The - (World Premiere)

A young journalism student interviews a man on death row convicted of a brutal and sadistic murder.

Picture Show - (Midwest Premiere)

An elderly couple, confined to their home for years, venture out for one last date in hopes of rediscovering the romance of their youth.

Pink Balloons - (Midwest Premiere)

When a nurse's daily ritual of buying a pink balloon is disrupted, an unlikely friendship is formed.

Recursion - (Midwest Premiere)

When an accident-prone "best man" loses the wedding ring, he tries everything possible (and impossible) to save the day.

Robber, The

A sexually abused, 11-year old girl is in turmoil and struggling for words, but when her bourgeois family sits down for dinner, she finally manages to make herself understood.

Square of the Cube, The - (U.S. Premiere)

Haunted by a second-place finish in a Rubik's Cube contest from nearly thirty years ago, Simon sets off to find his old opponent and challenge him to a rematch, but along the way he discovers the one thing missing from his life for all these years, romance.

Story of Milo & Annie, The - (Midwest Premiere)

A dramatic and amusing love story about Annie, a restless secretary, who tries to solve the mystery of Milo, a guy who hasn't spoken since he was six years old.

Sulfuric - (Midwest Premiere)

Jennifer returns home to find her roommate unconscious. After reviving her, it becomes apparent that something is occurring inside their apartment. Something awful.

This Dog's Life - (U.S. Premiere)

A young boxer is forced to fight - and kill - for his father's love.

Twinkle, Twinkle - (Midwest Premiere)

When Sophie and Megan play Mummies and Daddies we learn a lot ... about Mummy and Daddy.

Undertow - (Michigan Premiere)

While writing his brother's obituary, a man learns more than he'd intended about his wife, the truth, and love.

Upstairs - (U.S. Premiere)

When a volatile argument breaks out upstairs between an unbalanced daughter and her avoidant mother, an unexpected turn occurs when they discover they are not the only ones in the bedroom.

   Documentary Short

Facing Fear

This documentary, nominated in 2014 for the Academy Award for the Best Documentary Short Subject, retraces the haunting accounts of the attack of Matthew Boger by neo-Nazi Tim Zaal, and the startling revelation that brought these men together again.

Methel Island

A meditation on meth. There is and island on the delta 45 minutes east of San Francisco that is infested with Crystal Meth. In this documentary we explore the island and its inhabitants' relationship to the drug. Four characters will take us on the journey of an addict: from the first states, to the comedown and finally the long road to recovery.

Peace During War - (World Premiere)

Fighting was the way they met. Allies are who they are now. This is the story of two former gang members living in Kalamazoo, Michigan, who made peace after almost 20-years of conflict in their neighborhood. Through forgiveness, reconciliation and education, they are changing the minds and hearts of urban youth.

Wagonmasters - (Michigan Premiere)

The car that was once the quintessential image of the American Dream is all but dead - at least for most people. There are some, however, who still cling to the station wagon and what it represents in American culture. Wagonmasters, a documentary film, offers glimpses into the lives of such wagon enthusiasts, and tells the story of the station wagon as it represents a changing America over the last one hundred years.

   Animated Short

Blue - (Michigan Premiere)

A fearful balloon must learn to put his fragile life in the hands of an unlikely friend.

Green Acres

In the middle of the desert there is no water for miles in all directions, except for a fortress oasis named Green Acres, but the owner of this gated plot of land will stop at nothing to protect his water supply, and he has an arsenal of weapons to do it. One very lucky tortoise must slip past his defenses.

Handi & V - (Michigan Premiere)

After grandma Handi passed away, grandpa V lived in sadness. One day he finds a picture missing from their photo album, which sends him on a wander journey through time capsules.

   Shorts Program

Creepy Shorts

Nightmares become reality in this haunting group of short films:
One Please
Man of the House

International Shorts

Travel around the world in 70 minutes with these intriguing International short films:
The Butcher's Dozen
More Than Two Hours
Ahora, No
The Boy and the Bus

Shorts Spectacular

Aspiring acrobats, blue balloons, and thirsty turtles invite you to enjoy these entertaining short films:
Green Acres
The Story of Milo and Annie
Monkey Rag


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