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Biker Chef Culinary Experience with Christopher Coppola

Coppola will do a cooking demonstration, share culinary samples paired with a wine tasting from the Coppola Winery, sign autographs, and share his insights of the history of the Coppola family.  Coppola’s TV pilot “Biker Chef” will screen at the event, with the filmmaker and “Biker Cat” in attendance. [$35]

Music Extravaganza & Actors Panel

Waterfront Film Festival will feature a Music Extravaganza this year as part of the Festival!!  Saturday, June 16, 2012 at Wicks Park. The event will feature an Actors Panel at 12:00pm followed by Live Music on the Waterfront from 1pm - 8pm. $5 cover at the door - come and go as you please.

Opening Night: Outdoor Concert & Screening Under the Stars

The evening kicks off with an outdoor party in Downtown Saugatuck: Coghlin Park
Headlining Performer: BEVERLY MCCLELLAN (Finalist from The VOICE) with openers Garrett Borns and Valentiger
• Gates open and music starts at 6PM
• Beer Garden with speciality crafted beers, wine, mixed drinks, and Food
• $10; kids 10 & under and 3-day passholders are free (all proceeds benefit the non-profit Waterfront Film Festival)
Poster signing with RON ENGLISH
SPECIAL SCREENING of the SHORTS SPECTACULAR PROGRAM featuring a collection of award-winning short films - a must see!!



A sexy, complex & thought provoking film about two former lovers who reunite after a long ago painful break-up.
Preceded by: Freak

Below Zero - (Michigan Premiere)

Like a horror film set in Fargo - this is a cool, twisted story within a story, within a real-life story that will keep you guessing until the final moments.
Preceded by: Incubator


A dark, intriguing film set in a small, wooded town, about a young man's struggles to leave a violent secret militia started by his father.
Preceded by: Southern Belle, The

Butterfly Rising - (Midwest Premiere)

When her brother dies, singer Lilah Belle sets out to escape her grief and embarks on a road trip, but not before coaxing the new-to-town, most scandalous woman in Artesia to go with her.
Preceded by: Ballerina

Cinema Six - (Michigan Premiere)

Cinema Six is like “Slackers” & “Office Space” had a hilarious, quirky & naughty baby. It has the same kind of raunchy humor and quarter-to-mid-life ennui.
Preceded by: Follow The Sun

Dorfman - (Midwest Premiere)

A romantic comedy about drab Deb Dorfman who is uprooted from suburbia and transformed by adventures in newly revitalized downtown Los Angeles.
Preceded by: Chrysanthemums the Word

Dynamiter, The - (Midwest Premiere)

The Dynamiter is an atmospheric coming of age story about a family in crisis in the forgotten America, uncompromisingly told by the very people who live it everyday.
Preceded by: Strange Ones, The

Five Time Champion - (Midwest Premiere)

A film about love, hope, petty theft, adultery, and the boundless opportunities presented by sex and science.
Preceded by: Spanola Pepper Sauce Company

Free Samples - (Midwest Premiere)

A law-school dropout fills in as a server at her friend's ice cream truck, doling out free samples to locals and oddball friends alike, including a man courting her who she barely remembers from the night before.
Preceded by: Here's What I Like: Fashion and Flowers. And Now I'll Tell You Why

Green - (Michigan Premiere)

An intimate friendship between two women dissolves as they are drawn into an irrational, destructive spiral of jealousy and paranoid fantasy in this haunting examination of the female psyche.
Preceded by: Murderabilia

How Do You Write A Joe Schermann Song - (Michigan Premiere)

An aspiring Broadway songwriter jeopardizes his budding career and the relationships around him when he encounters a talented singer whose voice he believes is beyond compare.
Preceded by: Man at the Counter, The

It's In The Blood - (Michigan Premiere)

A terrifying psychological thriller about a father and son stranded in the wild as they confront the horrors of their past to escape with their lives.
Preceded by: Hellion

Kawa - (Midwest Premiere)

A powerful coming out movie, KAWA is a gorgeously cinematic drama that tells a transcendent tale of bravery, love, family and pride.
Preceded by: 52

My Best Day

A quirky and sweet movie about a small town receptionist whose life is turned upside down when the father she never knew calls for a refrigerator repair.
Preceded by: Orderly, The


Told from three points-of-view, SCALENE is a perceptual thriller which revolves around a mother's revenge after her mentally-challenged son is accused of a sexual assault by his student caretaker.
Preceded by: Pillow

Shorts Spectacular Program

A collection of award-winning short films - a must see!! Featuring: Aquatic Bloom; Cuckoo for Two; The Birthday Present; Moving Day; Count To Five; Sherman; My Father, Joe; Dark Corner; The One About The Sheep

Shouting Secrets - (Midwest Premiere)

A successful Native American writer whose novel sold out his family returns home to the reservation after getting a call that his mother is in ICU.
Preceded by: Cold Blood

Somebody's Hero - (Midwest Premiere)

An average accountant attempts to fill the boots of a movie-based superhero.
Preceded by: Jester, The

Supporting Characters

A smart New York buddy comedy with genuine humor and heart about two film editors balancing their relationships while reworking a movie in crisis.
Preceded by: '92 Skybox Alonzo Mourning Rookie Card

Virginia - (Midwest Premiere)

VIRGINIA is a funny, touching drama that looks at the American Dream and what it takes to keep it together. [$12]

Without - (Michigan Premiere)

Intelligent and melancholy, Without tells the story of Jocelyn, a young woman on a remote wooded island, who becomes caretaker to an old man in a vegetative state. Her isolated routine devolves into a struggle with sexuality, guilt and loss.
Preceded by: Terrebonne

Worth the Weight - (Midwest Premiere)

In this sincere & delightful romantic comedy, Sam was once a 260lb NFL prospect. Now, he's a lonely 413lb bowling alley cashier. This is the story of Sam's epic battle to lose weight, while searching for love.
Preceded by: Hope. You like Crap.

Wuss - (Michigan Premiere)

A high school English teacher is ridiculed and severely beaten by his own students. Too mortified to confide in any adults or even the law, he teams up with another of his students to hatch an elaborate revenge plot.
Preceded by: Motown Morning


Buffalo Girls - (Midwest Premiere)

The heartbreaking story of two eight year-old girls who fight in rural Thailand's underground child boxing world to earn money to support their families.
Preceded by: Line 102

Queen of Versailles - (Midwest Premiere)

The Queen of Versailles follows billionaires Jackie and David's rags-to-riches story as their plans for constructing the world's largest home are halted by the 2008 economic collapse, uncovering the innate virtues and flaws of the American dream. [$12]

Sadermania - (Michigan Premiere)

A Hulk Hogan fanatic experiences his obsession with the wrestler turn into a genuinely reciprocated friendship.
Preceded by: Glue Man

This Is What Love In Action Looks Like - (Michigan Premiere)

This documentary follows the inspirational story of teens protesting a "Fundamentalist Christian" program that strives to turn gay people straight.
Preceded by: Love is All You Need?

We're Not Broke - (Michigan Premiere)

WE’RE NOT BROKE tells the story of U.S. corporations dodging billions of dollars in income tax, and how seven fed-up Americans take their frustration to the streets…and vow to make the corporations pay their fair share.
Preceded by: Spoilt Broth

Wild Horse, Wild Ride - (Midwest Premiere)

Stunning and poignant, this crowd-pleaser with a big heart chronicles a handful of unforgettable characters from their first uneasy meeting with their horses and over three months as they attempt to transform from scared strangers to the closest of companions.
Preceded by: Tea For Two

   Michigan Showcase

Holy Rollers: The True Story of Card Counting Christians

Holy Rollers is the compelling true story of a team of card counting Christians who take millions from casinos.
Preceded by: Tumbleweed!

   Narrative Short

'92 Skybox Alonzo Mourning Rookie Card - (Michigan Premiere)

Jim & Dave, two brothers who don't like each other very much, are forced to come together when their dad dies in Kansas City.

52 - (Midwest Premiere)

52 probes one man's greatest nightmare: getting old.

Aquatic Bloom

Aquatic Bloom is a beauty piece about the flower interacting with a fish, a hermit crab and dragonflies to fly up to the exotic world.

Ballerina - (Michigan Premiere)

On a day much like today, there comes a knock at Frank Gross' door and his orderly world slides sideways into the darkness beyond what we know.

Birthday Present, The - (Midwest Premiere)

For her ninth birthday Joey's parents think they've gotten her 'what every little girl wants.' But Joey's real birthday wish is about to come true in an unexpected way.

Chrysanthemums the Word - (Midwest Premiere)

Love, conflict, deception and sex...all in 15 seconds. Based on a poem read by pop-poet John Cooper Clarke.

Cold Blood - (Michigan Premiere)

An exhausted mother brings her terrified son to the hospital.

Count to 5 - (Midwest Premiere)

A 12 year old boy tried to work up the courage to make a move on the girl he fancies.

Cuckoo for Two

A lonely cuckoo clock bird seeks companionship in a lovely lady paper weight, but can he overcome his fear of heights in time to bring them together?

Dark Corner - (Midwest Premiere)

Silent, Black Comedy about an unassuming woman who finds a table with mysterious powers and uses it to get her revenge.

Den Forste Anders - (Midwest Premiere)

A well-meaning but ultimately accidental Father tries to teach his artistic and troubled young son a valuable lesson.

Follow The Sun

A "devilish" take on your favorite movie theater refreshments, they may never look the same!


Randall, a hard working yet fragile soul faces his inner demons buried behind a drag queen persona while pursuing the dream of a lifetime.

Glue Man - (Michigan Premiere)

A hilarious mockumentary in which Nick tells the story of how he went from a local news station's man-on-the-street to broadcasting legend and "professional expert" at the History Channel.

Hellion - (Michigan Premiere)

All hell breaks loose when little Petey is left with his two hell-raising brothers. But things go from bad to really, really bad when dad gets home.

Here's What I Like: Fashion and Flowers. And Now I'll Tell You Why

Let the delightful Helen Pellet show you how to use nature to help you with your fashion choices, assisted by her hapless maid, Nora Marbles.

Hope. You like Crap.

A filmmaker looking back - hilariously & painfully deconstructing his self-described "stupid, insipid student film from 20 years ago."


A young man wakes up in a motel bathtub full of ice, only to find his problems have just begun.

Jester, The - (Midwest Premiere)

Banished by the king, the jester finds himself homeless and without a sense of purpose. In his defeat, he discovers hope in hopelessness.

Line 102

A haunting story of the struggle between guilt and innocence after a desicion causes a girl to beome the victim of a criminal offense.

Love is All You Need? - (Michigan Premiere)

Love is All You Need? is a straight story in a gay world.

Man at the Counter, The - (Michigan Premiere)

After noticing some strange behavior from an old man, a boy working at a coffee shop is forced to deal with some of life's most basic questions.

Motown Morning - (Midwest Premiere)

A coming-of-age giggler about a young man's private morning ritual.

Moving Day - (Midwest Premiere)

A young girl discovers the secrets of her new home.

Murderabilia - (Michigan Premiere)

A compulsive collector plunges into the seedy underbelly of a profoundly macabre market - the buying and selling of murder-related artifacts.

My Father, Joe

A ten year old boy in 1940's Montreal learns his father is not who he pretends to be.

One About The Sheep, The - (Midwest Premiere)

How do you tell someone you love you've been intimate with a farm animal?

Orderly, The - (Midwest Premiere)

After running late for his first day of work, a timid orderly tries to keep his sanity as he transports two psychiatric patients across the state.

Pillow - (Michigan Premiere)

A Southern Gothic tale of two brothers who go to desperate measures to please their overbearing mother.

Sherman - (Midwest Premiere)

Sherman struggles with the reality of being an imaginary friend when his creator grows up and leaves.

Southern Belle, The - (Michigan Premiere)

The paths of two starkly different men, a generation apart, converge late one evening for them to discover they have a dark and destructive bond.

Spanola Pepper Sauce Company - (Michigan Premiere)

This heartwarming story explores the life of Tookie Spanola, the founder and owner of the Spanola Pepper Sauce Company, and some of the changes that have taken effect during his tenure.

Spoilt Broth - (Midwest Premiere)

A naive, desperate man attempts to rob a post exactly the same time as a tough, armed and ruthless criminal.

Strange Ones, The

A man and a boy, traveling to an unknown destination, find respite in a motel swimming pool. On the surface all seems normal, but nothing is quite what it seems to be.

Tea For Two

An elderly couple share a final cup of tea.


Set on the imperiled coast of Louisiana, Terrebonne is the meditative story of a brother and sister who encounter unexpected trouble when they venture deep into the swamp in search of the mythic ivory-billed woodpecker.

Tumbleweed! - (Midwest Premiere)

The true and historically accurate tale of one tumbleweed that did not tumble.


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