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NOTE: These are prior year films
   2011 Films
   Special Events

80's Movie Anthem Sing-Along

Come sing along to the 80's movie songs that changed our lives one montage at a time and made us fall in love.

Meet, Mix & Mingle: Actors

Come connect with talented artists. Actors of the silverscreen and television will share their stories, views and answer questions. In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to mingle and network.

Meet, Mix & Mingle: Filmmakers

Join us for this new forum on filmmaking. Guest filmmakers and industry professionals will share their stories, views and answer questions. In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to mingle and network.

Michigan Film Office Advisory Council Meeting

Join us for this free open-to-the-public event!  Get your questions answered by the Government appointed Michigan Film Office Advisory Council as they meet in an open forum for an informative and sometimes rousing discussion about the latest developments in the film industry in Michigan. 

One Hit Wonders Sing-Along

Remember those great One-Hit Wonders of the 70's, 80's and 90's - come sing along and reminisce to one great classic after another.

Opening Night: Outdoor Concert & Screening Under the Stars

The evening kicks off with an outdoor party in Downtown Saugatuck: Coghlin Park

Headlining Performer: SHAGGY (Boombastic, It Wasn't Me, Angel, Sugar Cane) Special appearance by: “Survivor: Nicaragua” winner Judson “Fabio” Birza

• Gates open and music starts at 6PM
• Beer Garden with speciality crafted beers, wine, mixed drinks, and Food
• $10 at the door, kids 10 & under and 3-day passholders are free (all proceeds benefit the non-profit Waterfront Film Festival)

featuring a hilarious collection of some of this year's funniest comedy short films. A must-see!!

The Way Gay Sing-Along

The all gay Sing-Along combines the best divas, gay icons, and camp classics guarantees to make you wanna sing out loud and dance double proud.


Ashes - (Midwest Premiere)

An obsessive doctor working on a cure for AIDS unwittingly creates an aggressive new bacteria that deteriorates the body and enrages the mind.
Preceded by: Abandon

Au Pair, Kansas - (Michigan Premiere)

Funny and touching, the film tells the story of a recently widowed woman (Traci Lords) on a buffalo ranch near a small town in Kansas who hires a Norwegian soccer player to be a male au pair and help raise her two sons.
Preceded by: Yard Sale

Baby Jane? - (Michigan Premiere)

Visually stunning with spot-on impersonations, mostly by men in drag, Baby Jane? is an homage/dark comedy meticulously revisiting the original film staring Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. It is melodrama, camp, humor and genuine emotion entwined together.
Preceded by: Bygone Behemoth

Bag of Hammers, A - (Midwest Premiere)

Quirky, charming, and unexpectedly heartwarming, A Bag Of Hammers is a clever comedy about the bromance between two misfit best friends incapable of growing up. Their lack of direction is tested by an abandoned child, worn beyond his years.
Preceded by: Barko

Charlie Casanova

Dark, disturbing, violent. A challenging film with an electrifying performance by the actor playing the psychotic Charlie - a sociopathic member of the ruling class who uses a deck of playing cards to decide the fate of friends and strangers.
Preceded by: Red Princess Blues

Danach (Afterwards) - (Michigan Premiere)

A woman on the run has one night to find her homeless father on the streets of Berlin. Under the cover of darkness, the secrets of their East German past come to light. English subtitles.
Preceded by: Lars

Drummond Will, The - (Midwest Premiere)

Push the indie envelope with this pitch-perfect, edgy, B&W farce set in decaying rural England, The Drummond Will is a darkly funny comedy which follows estranged brothers Marcus and Danny Drummond along a surprisingly dangerous undertaking to unravel the mystery surrounding their father's unlikely wealth.
Preceded by: Something Left, Something Taken

Falling Overnight - (Midwest Premiere)

Charming and sweet.  On the eve of an invasive surgery to remove a brain tumor, Elliot falls in love with a beautiful photographer and goes on an exhilarating journey, avoiding his uncertain future if only for one more night.  
Preceded by: Knock Off

Fifty-Nothing - (Midwest Premiere)

Part road movie, part coming-of-age story, "Fifty-Nothing" is a bracingly candid, frequently funny portrait of male friendship at middle age. Smartly written, the film finds two Angelenos navigating such midlife indignities as colonoscopies, blind dates and the senior golf circuit.
Preceded by: Bathing and the Single Girl

Finding Jenua

A young girl runs away from her past. An elderly woman can't remember hers. And a small town that never forgets. A haunting, elegiac meditation on love & loss.
Preceded by: Homecoming Queen

Fly Away - (Midwest Premiere)

Exceptional performances by two femme leads and sensitive but unsentimental storytelling throughout. Jeanne is the single mother of a teenage daughter with Autism, Mandy. As her child matures, her disability becomes harder to manage, and so does Jeanne’s own life.
Preceded by: Cross-Stitch, The

Frankenstein Brothers, The - (Midwest Premiere)

In this hysterical and sexy coming of age dramedy about twin brothers Luke and Corey Frankenstein, a family legacy and a budding romance pit brother against brother.  
Preceded by: Cataplexy

Gay Shorts Program

A program that makes you smile while realizing that we all have the same struggles as a man tries to lose weight to impress his ex-boyfriend, a single man decides that maybe being gay will cure his loneliness, and the fantasizing that can happen after a one night stand. Featuring: Gay Keith; Public Relations; Bedfellows; Skinny Fat; Cataplexy

Je T'aime I Love You Terminal

In this whimsical romantic comedy, Ben is traveling to New York to get married when he misses his flight and meets Emma, a beautiful, kooky & free-spirited girl.  
Preceded by: Los Gritones

Jess + Moss - (Michigan Premiere)

Jess (18) and Moss (10) are second cousins in the dark-fire tobacco fields of rural Western Kentucky. A lushly photographed and poetic tale told through a series of memories and vignettes.
Preceded by: Salvaging

Leave - (Midwest Premiere)

A tense and foreboding thriller with a great twist. When a successful writer sets out on a road trip to work on his next novel he encounters a stranger who turns his life and everything he knows to be true upside down.
Preceded by: Closing Doors

Lie, The - (Midwest Premiere)

A bitterly funny film where a man decides to tell a life-altering lie to avoid going to work, and needs to keep his wife from finding out.
Preceded by: Quality Time

LOL: Comedy Shorts

LOL Comedy Shorts Programing will make you laugh as you watch shorts featuring a women dealing with the pitfalls of dating, bumbling English detectives trying to solve a crime, and a down and out muppet trying to get back into the public eye. Featuring: Bullies on Vacation; Sheldon; Noreen; Cores e Botas; Bathing & the Single Girl

Losing Control - (Midwest Premiere)

Losing Control is a smart and quirky romantic comedy about a female scientist who wants proof that her boyfriend is “the one.”
Preceded by: Bait

NONAMES - (Michigan Premiere)

Inspired by the true story, Kevin Williams and his childhood friends are stuck in a dried up Midwestern town. After his mother's death, it becomes clear that he must leave the town he loves in order to save himself from it.

Off Hours, The - (Michigan Premiere)

A moody, gritty and nuanced film about an off-the-map truck stop in the Pacific Northwest becomes petrie dish for examining the intersecting lives of those who depend upon it—a waitress, a big rig driver, a line order cook, and a group of aspiring musicians among them.
Preceded by: Robbery, The

Opening Night Comedy Shorts Program

A hilarious collection of some of this year's funniest comedy short films. A must-see!! Featuring: Barko; Something Left - Something Taken; Los Gritones; Salvaging; Bygone Bohemoth; Birthday Circle; Quality Time; Yard Sale

Peace, Love & Understanding: Drama Shorts Program

This collection of drama shorts will make you think about all the issues that life has to offer while having your breath taken away with the amazing work these filmmakers do in a short period of time. Featuring: Thule; Checkpoint; Walking Peace; Recent Student Academy Award Winner, Thief; 18


An emotional coming of age story with an unexpected twist, five teenage girls with a shared secret get together for a weekend of "No Consequences."
Preceded by: Shoegazer

Trophy Kids - (Midwest Premiere)

A Manhattan playboy decides to make a biopic about his life, in this totally special feature film about the most coddled generation in history: Generation Y.
Preceded by: Play

True Nature

A malevolent presence haunts a young woman suffering from amnesia after a mysterious, year-long disappearance.
Preceded by: Kitty Kitty

Wedding Party, The - (Midwest Premiere)

Both sentimental and hysterically irreverent.  When Steve Thompson’s secret marriage of convenience is discovered by his family, he finds himself at the centre of the world’s most farcical wedding. The only problem is, he is in love with somebody else.
Preceded by: Birthday Circle

White Irish Drinkers - (Midwest Premiere)

In working-class Brooklyn, two teenage brothers living with their abusive father are caught up in a life of petty crime. Brian has hidden talent as an artist, which might be his ticket out of their dead-end existence.


Becoming Santa - (Midwest Premiere)

A fun and quirky doc about a curious man immersing himself in the project of becoming Santa for a single season, learning much about the benefits of belief and the spirit of this character in our culture.
Preceded by: My Big Red Purse

Greater Good, The - (Midwest Premiere)

An emotional rollercoaster, THE GREATER GOOD looks behind the fear, hype and politics that have polarized the vaccine debate in America today.
Preceded by: Cargo

Hot Coffee - (Midwest Premiere)

In the famous "McDonald's coffee case", Stella Liebeck's personal legal battle over a spilled cup of coffee serves as a springboard into understanding our civil justice system.
Preceded by: Touch

Moment of Truth: The Andy Meyers Story - (Midwest Premiere)

Andy Meyers decides that he wants to end his life in front of a camera for the world to witness.  
Preceded by: Mental

Page One

One time Special Screening. In the tradition of great fly-on-the-wall documentaries, this riveting film deftly gains unprecedented access to the New York Times newsroom and the inner workings of the Media Desk. Are newspapers becoming obsolete?

Senna - (Midwest Premiere)

From Universal Pictures comes the story of the monumental life and tragic death of legendary Brazilian motor-racing Champion, Ayrton Senna. Senna conquers and transcends Formula One to become a global superstar. In the midst of his prime on what came to be known as the darkest weekend in the sport’s history, 300 million people watched live as Senna lost his life and the Brazilians lost a hero.

Sons of Perdition - (Michigan Premiere)

Heartbreaking, infuriating yet always hopeful, Sons of Perdition follows three teenagers who escape from the chokehold of the FLDS, a secretive polygamist sect located on the remote Utah/Arizona border.
Preceded by: 10:03

Superheroes - (Midwest Premiere)

A zany and fascinating journey inside the world of real-life caped crusaders.
Preceded by: Last Seen On Dolores Street

Zero Percent - (Midwest Premiere)

Inside the notorious Sing Sing Correctional facility, ZERO PERCENT is a fascinating and emotional doc following the lives of society's forgotten men as they experience the transformative and redemptive power of education.

   Michigan Showcase

Answer This

When Paul Tarson, a brilliant trivia whiz, enters a citywide pub trivia tournament, he falls for a smart young undergrad and faces bigger questions than he bargained for.
Preceded by: When Skies Are Blue

Defining Beauty: Ms. Wheelchair America - (Midwest Premiere)

Five Ms. Wheelchair America Pageant contestants prove that beauty is more than just a sash and crown by handling a multitude of daily challenges with grace and strength.
Preceded by: Great American Pigeon Race


ScreenwritingNOW! Workshop

ScreenwritingNOW is a 2 hour presentation that helps learn the craft of screenwriting. The presentation revolves around the acronym KISASS (Keep It Short And Simple, Stupid.)

   Narrative Short

18 - (Midwest Premiere)

Zoned out at a raging high school party on her 18th birthday, a young girl places herself in peril when she is overwhelmed by the daunting task of deciding whether or not to remove her mother from life support.

Bathing and the Single Girl - (Michigan Premiere)

Bathing and the Single Girl is an irreverent & raw comedic look at some of the pitfalls of dating men you can talk yourself into rather than waiting for one you cannot talk yourself out of.

Bedfellows - (Michigan Premiere)

Set in today's New York City, the film puts two gay characters at the center of a classic boy-meet-girl-type story, both characters with their fair share of relationship baggage. 

Birthday Circle - (Midwest Premiere)

Two young children defiantly claim independence in their own home, but are implored by frustrated relatives to consider external care.  

Bullies On Vacation

On vacation with his family, successful novelist David Sandstedt (Mark Kelly) discovers that his childhood taunter, Steve Vanderlaan (Brian Vander Ark) is vacationing at the same resort.

Bygone Behemoth - (Michigan Premiere)

Bygone Bohemoth is a day-in-the-life of an unemployed B-Movie monster, a lingering personified special-effect of the 1950’s.

Cataplexy - (Michigan Premiere)

Good looking, successful, and single, Sidney has a clever solution for an unusual medical problem. He just never factored in old friends.

Checkpoint - (Midwest Premiere)

Suleiman, an eleven year old Palestinian boy, goes with his father to the ruins of a destroyed village. Though he doesn't understand the weird ritual, Suleiman feels he has a duty to help him.

Closing Doors - (Midwest Premiere)

A coming-of-age story of a father struggling to find his way and let go of the past in order to raise the daughter he loves.

Cores e Botas - (Michigan Premiere)

Joana has the same dream as all young Brazilian girls in the 80s: she wants to be a Paquita, a dancer on Xuxa's TV show. However, there is a problem; she is black and Xuxa never had a black Paquita on her team.  

Cross-Stitch, The - (Midwest Premiere)

When Chet, a mysterious stranger, enters Sassy's Sewing Machine Repair Shop seeking work, he stirs up more than the static dust, forcing the shop owner to reexamine her stagnant life.

Gay Keith

Meet Scott: a 260 pound red-headed,fun-lovin', bi-polar, hockey-playin' sexual deviant who has spent the last 15 years, out of work and overweight. Scott decides the answer to all his problems may lie in North Hollywood-his name is Keith and he's willing to wear pantyhose if Scott comes over.

Homecoming Queen

In her oppressively small Korean-American community, 17 year old Grace's affair with a classmate's father cuts too close to home.

Kitty Kitty - (Midwest Premiere)

There's something VERY wrong with Val's boyfriend, in this short horror about love, cats, and brain parasites.

Knock Off

Touching portrait of the relationship between pregnant teenager Jude and her own young father Michael.

Lars - (U.S. Premiere)

East Berlin, 1985. Lars, a young Stasi Lieutenant, discovers his parents are underground smugglers. English subtitles.

Los Gritones - (Midwest Premiere)

There are moments when you want to scream and explain.

Mental - (Midwest Premiere)

Dave is a seemingly 'normal' psychologist who ultimately discovers that his patients aren't exactly who they appear to be.

My Big Red Purse - (Michigan Premiere)

Pam recalls herself, her best friend, and a big red purse going up against the neighborhood bully, refusing to back down.

Noreen - (Midwest Premiere)

When Frank and Con find a dead body in a local cottage, what began as a routine call-out becomes an opportunity for life lessons and musings on the basics of detective work. Both men are alone. Both men are idiots.

Play - (Midwest Premiere)

Min, a 12 year old Chinese boy with a language problem tries to make friends on his first day of school in Harlem, New York.

Public Relations - (Michigan Premiere)

Bad bosses, wild nights, and the semi-true story of two girls in love.

Quality Time - (Michigan Premiere)

A well-meaning father of four confronts the stubborn realities of parenting when he decides to get the kids up twenty minutes earlier than usual.

Red Princess Blues

In this twisted modern day fairy tale, Zoe must be saved by a Princess from the sinister Carnival world which has lured her in.

Robbery, The - (Midwest Premiere)

Ben, a small time thief with revenge on his mind, plans an elaborate fake robbery in order to murder his estranged father for a life insurance claim.

Salvaging - (World Premiere)

Paul and his fourteen-year-old step-son Freddie, navigate the twists and turns of their troubled relationship while pushing a junkyard-bound car through equally difficult city streets.

Sheldon - (Midwest Premiere)

Former children's television sensation Sheldon Shellstein struggles to make his way back into the limelight through an amateur wrestling exposition.

Shoegazer - (Michigan Premiere)

At the end of a long night at her punk-rock bar, Lucy discovers Amber, a 15-year-old girl, passed out in a bathroom stall.

Skinnyfat - (Midwest Premiere)

When a skinny hipster becomes convinced he's overweight, he tries every trick in the book to shave off the pounds, only to learn that even six-packs may not be enough in the image-conscious world of gay dating.

Thief - (Midwest Premiere)

After 40 years, Mehdi comes face to face with Saddam Hussein, whom he befriended as a young boy.


In 1962 a group of young men, who are stationed at a remote Air Force base in Greenland, band together to undergo a dangerous mission to retrieve mail lost in a frozen landscape of darkness.


Two strangers make the most important connection of their lives while waiting for a train.

Walking Peace - (U.S. Premiere)

A small boy journeys on his own through town.

When Skies Are Blue - (Michigan Premiere)

A troubled teen battles his inner demons with rock n' roll.

Yard Sale - (World Premiere)

Sometimes a yard sale is not just a yard sale.

   Michigan Showcase - Short


The very real danger of religious radicalism in a casual meeting with a person who has a very different outlook.


A mysterious woman travels a desolate highway, on the run from her violent past. 

Cargo - (Michigan Premiere)

A young man working off a debt to a crooked bail bondsman agrees to drive a potentially dangerous package across the country. It becomes clear that someone is following him.

Last Seen On Dolores Street - (Michigan Premiere)

In a hard-boiled town, a heartbroken woman says goodbye to an old pet and hello to a new nightmare.

   Animated Short


A group of worms wake up one morning to find themselves trapped in a young boy's bait bucket.

Barko - (Michigan Premiere)

Barko is a lonely, unloved, and abused dog who has established himself as the unwilling clown of a circus run by poodles.

Great American Pigeon Race - (Midwest Premiere)

Animated short about six persecuted pigeons that compete in a cutthroat race to be the first to claim the most prized pigeon real estate in the land.

Something Left, Something Taken - (Michigan Premiere)

A couple on vacation encounter a man they believe to be the Zodiac Killer.


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