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Concert: Fallbrooke

Fallbrooke is an up and coming rock band from South Florida. The four member band recently signed with RMR Music Group (Trauma Records: Bush, No Doubt), and has experienced much success. Current singles receiving air time include "Losin' It" and "Always Off Time".

Kirsten Haglund, Miss America 2008

This year's festival kick off will be hosted by Kirsten Hagulnd, Miss America 2008, and a native of Farmington Hills, MI.  Kirsten is very passionate about the arts, and recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in entertainment.

Opening Night: Outdoor Concert & Screening Under the Stars

The evening kicks off with a street party in Downtown Saugatuck: Singapore Yacht Club Parking Lot (Courtesy of the Butler Restaurant)
• Gates open and music starts at 6PM
• Beer Garden by Budweiser and Food prepared by The Butler
• $5 at the door, kids under 12 and 3-day passholders are free

Outdoor Screening: Surfing 50 States - (Midwest Premiere)

Follow Australian surfers Jonno and Stefan as they travel the United States in a beat-up old ice-cream truck on their quest to go "surfing" in every state. From riding icy waves in Alaska, to being towed by a cowboy on his horse in Texas or surfing a pile of potatoes in Idaho, the boys explore and invent previously unimaginable ways of riding a surfboard.

Ron English

Waterfront is pleased to again host world-renowned street artist RON ENGLISH, who specially created the artwork used for the cover design of the 2009 Waterfront Film Festival Official Catalogue and Poster. Mr. English is also the subject of one of 2009's feature films, ABRAHAM OBAMA, showing Saturday afternoon. He will be on hand opening night for signings.

Yeardley Smith

Yeardley Smith is an Emmy award-winning actress, novelist, and playwright who has appeared on television, film and Broadway. Yeardley is best known as the voice of Lisa Simpson on Fox's hit television show "The Simpsons."


Against the Current - (Midwest Premiere)

Struggling with a tragic past, a writer decides to recruit two friends and embark on a journey to swim the lower Hudson River. Their lives will never be the same again. Featuring Justin Kirk, Elizabeth Reaser, Joseph Fiennes, Mary Tyler Moore.
Preceded by: Foobie Jesus

Answer Man, The - (Midwest Premiere)

Michigan’s own Jeff Daniels stars in this touchingly poignant comedy as the reclusive author of a best-selling book in which he claims to have spoken directly to God. Lauren Graham is a struggling single mom searching for the answers to the universe.

Baker, The - (Midwest Premiere)

Professional hit man Milo bungles a contract and is forced to flee the city to avoid the wrath of his employers. Hiding out in a remote rural village, the locals mistake him for the new baker. Milo goes along with it and soon finds himself enjoying his life in a way he never has before. Can Milo have his cake and eat it, too?
Preceded by: Deposition of Lou Bagetta, The

Bomber - (Midwest Premiere)

A humorous British belated-coming-of-age story about the relationship between a twentysomething son and his set-in-their-ways elderly parents, as he is forced to accompany them on a misguided road trip across Europe to help in his father's quixotic quest to locate the small German town he bombed in WWII.
Preceded by: Horizon Behind Us

Children of Invention - (Michigan Premiere)

A poignant drama that takes a new look at the American Dream as seen through the eyes of two Chinese-American children and their immigrant mother, who gets sucked into a multi-level marketing scam.
Preceded by: No Wind, No Waves

Dare - (Midwest Premiere)

This high school drama of teenage angst and sexual identity diverges from the usual formula. In a final effort to shake up their constructed lives before graduating high school, three unlikely friends find their lives intertwined in more ways than one
Preceded by: Confession, The

Favorite Son - (Midwest Premiere)

A minor league baseball player near the end of his career returns to his hometown much less the hero than he hoped to become. His budding romance with an old childhood friend quickly turns sour, but he forms an unlikely friendship with her volatile and destructive son. A story of family, dreams deferred, and a final chance at redemption.
Preceded by: Boy/Man

Humpday - (Midwest Premiere)

A clever, witty and frequently hilarious film about two old college buddies who drunkenly find themselves agreeing to participate in a local amateur porn contest in which they must have sex on camera...with each other. With neither willing to be the first to back down, the only complications are their complete heterosexuality and a disapproving wife.
Preceded by: Token Hunchback

I Sell the Dead - (Michigan Premiere)

Danger and vicious competition make up the amusing lives of two 18th century grave robbers, Arthur Blake and Willie Grimes. When justice finally catches up with them, the looming threat of the guillotine motivates Blake to confess his years of thrilling adventures to a priest. It soon becomes apparent that the unusual lives of Grimes and Blake are likely to end up where their stories began – the grave.
Preceded by: Opening Night of the Living Dead

Mr Right - (Midwest Premiere)

A talented ensemble cast headlines this witty, fresh and charming British romantic comedy of three relationships. Harry hates his job and dreams of leaving to travel the world, but he loves Alex who is struggling to create an identity for himself as a performer. William's nine-year-old daughter is intent on sabotaging his relationships with new boyfriends, and he's finding it difficult to let Lawrence into his life. Lars is a handsome sometime-model kept by Tom who will excuse Lars’ every betrayal so long as he doesn't leave him.

Peter and Vandy - (Midwest Premiere)

A small gem of a romantic comedy featuring what the Hollywood Reporter referred to as "star-making performances" from lead actors Jason Ritter and Jess Weixler. Jumping back and forth in time, we see the relationship of Peter and Vandy, a young Manhattan couple, as their relationship unfolds from initial romance to subsequent deterioration.
Preceded by: Heartbreak Haiku

Route 30

A hilarious comedy with three interconnecting stories from the backwoods country along the Lincoln Highway in South Central Pennsylvania. Where else can you find a Civil War tour guide, an Internet porn schemer, a Christian Scientist, a smoking, drinking, swearing, TV-watching Amish woman, and... Bigfoot all in one place?
Preceded by: Check Please

St. Nick - (Midwest Premiere)

An evocative and virtually wordless portrait of childhood; stark and spare with beautiful cinematography. A young brother and sister attempt to survive on their own through a bitter Texas winter, living in the woods, hiding in barns and sheds. They take up residence in an abandoned country house and, for a brief, happy period, manage to escape the harsh realities of their circumstances.
Preceded by: Dear Fatty

True Adolescents - (Midwest Premiere)

A poised and poignant film that follows Sam, a washed up rocker who hasn’t quite realized it yet. Jobless and homeless, he crashes with his aunt as a last resort. Reluctantly, he agrees to chaperone her teenage son and his nerdy pal on a camping trip. In the stirring Pacific Northwest wilderness a surprising discovery turns dire -- and the distance from boy to man must be covered overnight.
Preceded by: Hidden Life of the Burrowing Owl, The

True North - (U.S. Premiere)

An unflinching thriller dealing with the horrendous consequences of human trafficking. A skipper’s son accepts a large sum of money to smuggle Chinese illegal immigrants to Scotland in an attempt to help his father keep his boat. When one of the immigrants dies, despair triggers tragic actions.
Preceded by: Laredo

Waiting for Ophelia - (Midwest Premiere)

Three couples at different stages of their relationships meet for an anniversary dinner. While waiting for the 6th guest to arrive, Jonah and Caitlin are forced to examine the crossroads to which they’ve come and make a final decision which will change their lives forever. Starring Emmy Award Winner, Yeardley Smith – IN ATTENDANCE
Preceded by: Gerald's Last Day

Weather Girl - (Midwest Premiere)

After learning that her boyfriend is cheating on her with his co-host, a Seattle morning show weather girl freaks out on-air and is fired. Forced to move in with her little brother, she must cope with being 35, single, unemployed and, unfortunately, famous for being the "Sassy Weather Girl" who lost it on live television.
Preceded by: Section 44

Women in Trouble - (Midwest Premiere)

A fun and campy take on the B-List "women in trouble" exploitation films of the 1970’s, from "Snakes on a Plane" writer Sebastian Gutierrez. Featuring a stellar cast that includes Carla Gugino, Josh Brolin, Marley Shelton and Connie Britton in a serpentine story that interweaves one day in the lives of a psychiatrist, a masseuse, a pair of call girls, a bartender, and a porn star.
Preceded by: Borderline

World's Greatest Dad - (Midwest Premiere)

A wickedly funny, adult, dark comedy starring Robin Williams as a frustrated high school poetry teacher and single father dealing with an odious and unlikable teenage son. A truly twisted, hilariously perverse, and refreshingly original film from comedian/director Bobcat Goldthwait.
Preceded by: Chicken of God


Abraham Obama - (Michigan Premiere)

Join this cross-country journey as renowned street artist Ron English and his crew plaster the now famous image of Abraham Lincoln and Barack Obama merged together on any blank wall they can get their hands on. An unfiltered look at the power of merging art and politics to create a powerful message. Ron English will be at the screening for a signing and Q&A session.

American Harmony - (Midwest Premiere)

Forget "American Idol" and come experience the zany, passionate, and obsessive world of humming vocal chords and blissful harmony at the International Championships of Barbershop Harmony - the greatest singing competition... you've never heard of.
Preceded by: Love on the Line

Back Nine, The - (Midwest Premiere)

Upon turning 40, a man begins his quest to play professional golf and "become what he always wanted to be."

Fierce Light - (Michigan Premiere)

Does spirituality, the search for inner meaning, still have a place in a world in crisis? This groundbreaking and visually stunning film takes us on a global journey in search of stories of spiritual activism. Compelling, uplifting and inspiring, the film is a poetic call to heartfelt action featuring interviews with spiritual activists Thich Nhat Hanh, Desmond Tutu, Daryl Hannah, Julia Butterfly Hill, and more.

Lost Son of Havana, The - (Midwest Premiere)

An inspiring and heart wrenching documentary about baseball Hall-of-Famer Luis Tiant, who left Cuba in 1961. After the rise of Castro he faced a difficult decision: return to his family in Cuba or pursue his baseball career in America. After a 46 year exile, cameras follow Tiant as he returns home.
Preceded by: Porque Hay Cosas Que Nunca se Olvidan

Of All The Things - (Midwest Premiere)

Dennis Lambert was one of the most successful songwriters of the '70s and '80s, with hits like "Ain't No Woman Like The One I've Got", and "Rhinestone Cowboy". Today, he's a 60-year-old man selling real estate. But his life suddenly changes when he discovers his obscure 1972 solo album is still huge... in the Philippines, and his fans are calling for him.
Preceded by: You're Outa Here

Official Rejection - (Michigan Premiere)

Ever wonder what it takes to get into a film festival? This funny and eye opening documentary follows the trials and tribulations of a group of independent filmmakers as they learn that sometimes the hardest part of making a film is getting it shown.
Preceded by: Fan Mail

Pride of Lions - (Michigan Premiere)

A deeply moving documentary about Sierra Leone, and the eleven year civil war that has left the country devastated. Witnessing the Sierra Leoneans ability to overcome inconceivable human atrocities and reclaim their legacy is inspirational, and for some, life-changing.

Pulling John - (Midwest Premiere)

Legendary arm-wrestling champion John Brzenk is feeling the aches and pains of old age and must decide whether to leave the sport or defend his name by competing against the rising young stars of arm-wrestling.
Preceded by: Hot Dog

Surfing 50 States - (Midwest Premiere)

Follow Australian surfers Jonno and Stefan as they travel the United States in a beat-up old ice-cream truck on their quest to go "surfing" in every state. From riding icy waves in Alaska, to being towed by a cowboy on his horse in Texas or surfing a pile of potatoes in Idaho, the boys explore and invent previously unimaginable ways of riding a surfboard.

   Michigan Showcase

After the Fall - (Michigan Premiere)

After the Fall follows two American journalists - the son of a US Marine Captain who served in the war and the son of a draft resister who moved to Canada to protest the war - on their trip to Vietnam for the 30th anniversary of the fall of Saigon. Featuring interviews with both fathers and sons, After the Fall offers views from both sides of the conflict and two generations' perceptions of the war and its legacy.
Preceded by: Seasons

Blue Devils, The

The stories of the WWII Blue Devils pilots, Marine Squadron VMF 451, and their miraculous fight for freedom.
Preceded by: Daniel Finds His Walking Stick

Detached - (Midwest Premiere)

An unscrupulous mortgage broker is forced to confront his nefarious past when harassed by a bizarre string of holiday greetings.

Jesus People - (World Premiere)

When Pastor Jerry gets some troubling news, he sets out to create a contemporary Christian pop group that will reach his son - before his teenager dies and goes to hell.
Preceded by: Paul and his Wall

Tom McPhee's An American Opera: The Greatest Pet Rescue Ever!

A visceral, unflinching operatic vision of what happened to the people of New Orleans who were forced to evacuate without their beloved pets and the volunteers who came from all over the world to help.

Twenty, The

Carty has a new baby, a tense marriage, and four months of fragile sobriety. When he discovers a twenty dollar bill with a message written on it, an obsession begins. Will it free him? Or destroy him?
Preceded by: Foxglove


A Conversation with Emmy Award Winner Yeardley Smith

Spend and hour with talented show business veteran Yeardley Smith who won a primetime Emmy for her celebrated work as "Lisa Simpson" on FOX Television's "The Simpsons".

Cash Back: Making Your Movie in Michigan

Offering up to a 42% cash back rebate on movie making investments, the state of Michigan has quickly become one of the top new places in the world to make films. Find out how to get involved and make the most of Michigan by participating in this successful new program.

Docs That Rock

Join a power house line-up of documentary filmmakers as they discuss their passion for documentary filmmaking and the journeys they took to bring their stories to the screen. Featuring Academy Award winning documentarian, Sue Marx.

The Life of a Filmmaker

Nowadays filmmakers need to do it all. From finding or writing a winning screenplay, to casting great actors, locking down the financing, directing, producing and getting the film out to the world, the life of a filmmaker can sometimes seem like an impossible dream.  Hear from this group of filmmakers how they were able to find success and get it done. 

   Narrative Short


The story of a brilliant yet introverted engineer with a mysterious obsession and a last chance effort to convince his girlfriend to stay.

Bed Ridden - (Midwest Premiere)

A young addict handcuffed to a bed frame stumbles his way through the streets of Los Angeles, desperate to score.

Bird & Cactus at Work

An animated short from the hilariously offensive "Bird and Cactus" series by Paul Rodenberg (Monster Ballz, Comedy Central).

Borderline - (Michigan Premiere)

A single mother has a very difficult time allowing her 13 year old son to go on his first date.

Boy/Man - (Michigan Premiere)

A heartfelt, coming of age story about the journey of loss, friendship and hope.

Check Please

Meeting her boyfriend’s parents for the first time could not have gone any better for Julie. And then the check comes.

Chicken of God - (Michigan Premiere)

Chinese Box - (Midwest Premiere)

A man has a unique proposition for his ex-lover.

Confession, The

In 1970s Ireland, young Johnny Smith may be in the confession booth, but he's got a little more than salvation on his mind.

Dear Fatty

A little girl is writing a letter to her pet hamster 'Fatty' and wondering its trip from running away home.

Deposition of Lou Bagetta, The - (Midwest Premiere)

Longtime mobster Lou Bagetta knows an unexpected visit is never good news, so when fellow gangster Joey Gusto drops by it comes down to a battle of wits.

Fan Mail

Fan Mail is the true story of someone's first and only fan letter written to their favorite celebrity.

Foobie Jesus - (Midwest Premiere)

A woman in Florida is increasingly perplexed as she receives signs from above that her cat, Foobie, might be Jesus.

Foxglove - (World Premiere)

Emma, a young wife, is haunted by nightmares of her recent miscarriage while her husband sneaks off with her sister.

Gerald's Last Day

Gerald the dog has been scheduled for termination at 5:00 today by the Dog Pound. Can he seduce an adopter before his time runs out?

Heartbreak Haiku

A man who is a scholar of Japanese haiku poetry is profoundly affected by the love of one woman.

Hidden Life of the Burrowing Owl, The - (Midwest Premiere)

Experience the undying love between a burrowing owl and his life-long mate as a large predator threatens his natural habitat.

Horizon Behind Us

A father and his two sons are forced to confront their desires in life as well as their relationships to one another in the last ten minutes of their lives.

Hot Dog

A gorgeous colored-pencil animated short by two-time Academy Award Nominee Bill Plympton. A plucky dog attempts to join a fire company to save the world and gain the affection he so richly deserves

Kicking Sand in Your Face - (Midwest Premiere)

Sometimes revenge isn't so sweet.

Laredo - (Midwest Premiere)

Charlie, an ex-contractual killer, is confronted by his past and himself being forced into new depths of the underground crime world.

Last Page, The

Suffering from writer's block as he attempts to finish the screenplay he's been working on forever, a poor schmuck decides to go for coffee and ends up experiencing a nightmarish day from hell, providing him with all the inspiration he needs to finish his script.

Love on the Line

Follow the dots and dashes to a time before the Internet, even before telephones, when star-crossed lovers had to curb their raging hormones using the quickest form of communication available: the telegraph.

No Wind, No Waves

An unsettling portrait of contemporary America and of a world whose people seem to be growing ever further apart.

Opening Night of the Living Dead

Three zombies go see the latest zombie movie.


Poor Kevin has been addicted to everything, drugs, gambling, assembling office furniture, but now his family is beginning to suspect he has become addicted to the interventions themselves. Time for something different… time for an Outervention!

Porque Hay Cosas Que Nunca se Olvidan

Rendezvous - (Michigan Premiere)

Two assassins, one of whom has just botched a hit, struggle to make sense of their existence over a brief phone conversation.

Section 44

Richard walks out of his house and his world is turned upside down as he is stopped in the street, handcuffed, hooded and thrown in a van. Under the spotlight of the interrogators lamp, what will he give up to spare himself?

Spare Change - (World Premiere)

Vince pursues a vagrant, whom he reluctantly gave money to, to make sure he spends the donation wisely.


Based on a short story by novelist Elmore Leonard, "Sparks" is the tale of a former rock-and-roll goddess who may or may not have burnt her house down.


Set in a world ravaged by a plague that has forced humanity to live in fear behind the veil of gas masks, Suppressant tells the story of Paul, an “immune.” While Paul tries to ignore society’s problems, he is forced to confront the dark reality of what people will do in order to regain their humanity.

Susannah - (Midwest Premiere)

Two guys in a hotel room get in a fight over a car.

Thick as Thieves

While walking through an alley on his way home from his job as a bank teller, Marshall is jumped by Emmanuel, a scraggly yet intimidating hoodlum. As the night progresses, the two become unexpected partners in crime.

Token Hunchback - (Michigan Premiere)

 Michael’s special “talent” (his natural hunchback) can be a blessing and a curse for an ambitious character actor, as this stop-motion mockumentary reveals.

You're Outa Here - (Michigan Premiere)

A feisty descendant of Betty Boop tells her no-good boyfriend to hit the road, her litany of complaints set to the barrelhouse rhythm of Fats Waller's "The Minor Drag," reinvented as "You're Outa Here" by lyricist/vocalist Lorraine Feather.

   Michigan Showcase - Short

Art Sale - (World Premiere)

Daniel Finds His Walking Stick - (Midwest Premiere)

Lady Sunshine - (World Premiere)

Laid Off - (World Premiere)

Landlord, The - (World Premiere)

Paul and his Wall - (Midwest Premiere)

Priority - (Michigan Premiere)

Seasons - (World Premiere)

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