1999 Films


Writer/Director: Jody Podolsky

Producer: Darren Gold

Cinematographer: Ted Cohen

Principle Cast: Lesley Ann Warren, Alanna Ubach, James Rebhorn, Nancy Banks, Michael Silver

(85 mins / color) DRAMA

*Filmed in Michigan. Producer Darren Gold has a vacation home in Saugatuck, and will be in attendance.

Amy Holbeck, a hip young New York editor returns to her Midwestern hometown to visit her steadfast socialite family. Due to some surprises, a chain of events are set in motion that cause Amy to look past her Mother’s facade and help the woman who raised her to become who she really is.

A universal story of laughter and tears starring Academy Award nominated Lesley Ann Warren and Alanna Ubach.


Director/Writer: Todd Edwards

Executive Producer: Rob Yanovitch

Producers: Preston Stutzman

Cinematographer: Brett Reynolds

Principle Cast: Todd Edwards, Brad Knull, Cory Edwards, Peter Bedgood

(93 min. / color) COMEDY

OFFICIAL SELECTION 1999 Sundance Film Festival

*The Director and Producer will be in attendance.

A dry, witty comedy that follows a year in the life of four college friends who find themselves trapped in a rut after college. It has been four years since graduation, and Wade Hinkle, the group’s most cynical bachelor, is still stewing over the loss of his social life. After a series of weddings breaks the group apart, the death of a college rival changes Wade’s perspective on life and how to live it. The film’s strength lies in ensemble performances that convey the feeling that these actors truly are these characters. That feeling of reality enables the film to provide scrupulous insight into the current state of twenty-something angst and emotion in Middle America.- Trevor Groth

Cry Havoc

Writer/Director: Adam Lamas

Producer: Alex Lamas

Principle Cast: Justin Lane, Adam Jones, John Howard

(61 mins. / black & white) (WORLD WAR II DRAMA)

OFFICIAL SELECTION Slamdance Film Festival.

In the bleakness of a cold Italian winter during the second world war, a battle fatigued sniper finds himself on the edge of madness. His "prey", a German soldier, is posted near the roadside where the sniper watches and waits. Instead of acting on his first impulse to kill the German soldier, he instead observes him through the scope of his rifle and comes to realize that the soldier is mildly retarded. The sniper continues to observe the German soldier from afar. He begins to recognize a humanity within the enemy that had since been absent. The black and white delusion of the war that the sniper had been conditioned to believe, begins to break up into the gray shades of reality. This realization initiates a test of the sniper's courage and then delivers him into the heart of a most deadly situation.

Hitchcock, Selznick and the End of Hollywood - MICHIGAN PREMIERE*

Producer, Writer and Director: Michael Epstein

Executive Producer: Susan Lacy

Edited by Bob Eisenhardt

Narrated by Gene Hackman

Produced for WNET/American Masters

International Sales

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402 East Notre Dame

Montreal Canada H2Y 1C8

Phone (514) 844 3358 Fax (514) 844 7298 Email filmtran@odyssee.net

(85 min. / color/black & white) DOCUMENTARY

OFFICIAL SELECTION Sundance Film Festival

Alfred Hitchcock and David O. Selznick were two men who strongly shaped early Hollywood. They were both driven by a zealous desire to be masters of their domain. Hitchcock emerged from a working class background. At the age of thirty, after a career that made him the most distinct and recognizable director in England, he was ready to take on Hollywood. Selznick came from a wealthy background, but that didn't stop him from working even harder, to obtain his own achievements. At age thirty-six, he started his own studio, and became known for his aggressiveness to control every aspect of the film making process. When the two started their first collaboration REBECCA, sparks flew, and a struggle began. Superbly written and edited and infused with rare clips of these masters at work, the film is a delight with its juxtaposed, in-depth look at two Hollywood mavericks.


Writer / Director: George Spyros

Producers: Jonathan Shoemaker and George Spyros

Cinematographer: Matthew Mindlin

Principle Cast: Dahlia Mindlin, Leslie Lyles, Neil Pepe

(93 min. / color) DRAMA

OFFICIAL SELECTION AFI LA International Film Festival (Best Actress), South by Southwest Film Festival

A story of an emotionally unstable 24-year old woman’s (May) fight to get out from under her controlling mother and take a chance on her first-ever boyfriend. Her mother doesn't want to let go of the one thing she still has in her life. We witness the two women drifting apart. Fast cuts, a roving camera, and tight shots navigate the viewer from May’s disjointed perspective. A highly charged, emotional mother-daughter story.


Writer/Director: J. Max Burnett

Executive Producers: M. Burns, P. Locke, D. Kushner

Producer: Leanna Creel

Principle Cast: Mac Davis, Gregory Coolidge, Andrew Prine, Barry Switzer

(97 min. / color) DRAMA, FAMILY FILM

OFFICIAL SELECTION Sundance Film Festival

*The Director will be in attendance.

Will Collier (Mac Davis) loves his job as radio announcer for the local high school football team, the Nowata Possums. He loves it so much that he continues announcing even after the town decides to cancel the football program. But when his imaginary team starts to contend for the state championship, he not only has to deal with the real state champs, but he must reckon with the hopes and dreams of the people of Nowata as well. A sports film in the spirit of "Hoosiers" and "Rudy".

Six Days in Roswell - MIDWEST PREMIERE*

Director: Timothy B. Johnson

Executive Producer: Hiroshi Sand, Aki Komine

Producer: Roger Nygard

Cinematographer: David Doyle, Adam Olson

(82 min. / color) DOCUMENTARY

*Director as well as other members of the production team will be in attendance.

From the filmmakers who brought you Trekkies (to be released May 21, 1999 by Paramount), comes their second hilarious look at Americana. This film takes us to the New Mexico town famous for UFO sightings, extra-terrestrial encounters, and government cover-ups. Spend six days in a rented Coachman with two dogs, a film crew, UFO experts, and an overdose of alien abductees.

Somewhere in the Darkness - MIDWEST PREMIERE*

Director: Paul Fenech

Writers: Paul Fenech, Brendan Fletcher

Producers: David Webster, Paul Fenech, Brendan Fletcher

DP: Mike Kliem

Editor: Areito Miles

Music: Nic Morrey & Lothiorian

Principle Cast: Rowan Whitt, Barry Jenkins, Austen Tayshus, Ernie Dingo, Guy Leech, Leah Purcell

International Sales: IFM Film Associates Inc., 1541 North Gardner St., LA, CA 90046, USA Ph: 323-874-4249 Fax: 323-874-2654 email: ifmfilm@aol.com

(96 min. / color) AUSTRALIAN FEATURE

OFFICIAL SELECTION Slamdance Film Festival

A bold and inspirational tale of three strangers entombed under the rubble of a collapsed department store: A young boy, an old man, and a loud-mouthed thirty something. Injured and aware of their desperation, the old man summons the courage to talk the young boy through the ordeal, with a series of fantastic stories. All the while he is tormented and berated by the third pessimistic victim. Each story is visually translated for the audience through the young boy’s imagination. The result is a moving and stunningly surreal depiction of the transfer of wisdom from one generation to another.-Slamdance Film Festival


Writer/Director: Steven Widi Ho

Producer: Alton Walpole

DP/Editor: David E. Aubrey

Music: Matt Sorum & Lanny Cordola/Michael Stearns

Principle Cast: Wayne Pere, Eliane Chappuis, William Forsythe, Wes Studi, Nich Stalh Audie England, Danny Trejo, John Koyama, Liane Curtis

(105 min. / color) COMEDY

OFFICIAL SELECTION Slamdance Film Festival

*Director as well as other members of the cast and crew will be in attendance

Igby Waters is a sound recordist with an increasingly tentative grasp on reality. His physical proximity to those with "real" power (directors, producers, studio execs, etc.) creates a painful awareness of his own relative powerlessness. His complex emotional commitment to a young French violinist with Tinseltown dreams drives Igby into a spiral of insane confrontations with industry big wigs. A dark comedy about a movie sound recordest who is unable to maintain his grasp on reality.
-Slamdance Film Festival


Writer/Director: Chris McDonnell

Executive Producer: Micha

Producer: Mike McDonnell

Cinematographer: Christos Kostianis

Principle Cast: Chris McDonnell, Kevin Allison (MTV’s "The State"), Jen Shoop, Michelle Diamond, Christine Gallo

(75 min. / color) COMEDY

*Director as well as other members of the cast and crew will be in attendance.

A hilarious and original comedy which glimpses into the lives of two cousins in their twenties who live together. They are struggling to hit their stride personally and professionally. They approach work with disdain and take on relationships in a way that makes one glad there are mental health professionals out there. We watch them try to make things click. When they fail, and fail ugly, they return home to lick their wounds and vent at each other-inappropriately.

 Spin the Bottle - MIDWEST PREMIERE*

Director: Jamie Yerkes

Executive Producers: Gill Holland, Kevin Chinoy

Producers: Kristen Homsher, Jamie Yerkes

Principle Cast: Mitchell Riggs, Kim Winter, Jusica Fuller, Heather Coldennerach, Holter Graham

(82 min. / color) COMEDY

*Director will be in attendance.

A fantastic and moving comedy about five friends who gather for a weekend reunion at a lakeside cabin. No one's seen each other for a while and some have grown up more than others, and sexual trickery is the name of the game for at last one of the five childhood friends. Now the familiar crew is on hand for a wedding several days hence, and what transpires in the meantime bears the stigmata of old grudges. The cast includes Holter Graham from "Hairspray" and "Fly Away Home".


Director: Roger Nygard

Executive Producers: Joel Soisson, Michael Leahy, Michael Peyser

Producer: W.K. Border

Writter: Roger Nygard, Joe Yannetty

Principle Cast: Daniel Benzali, Louis Mandylor, Lori Loughlin

(88 min. / color)


*Director as well as other members of the cast and crew will be in attendance.

Do you feel like you've ever been screwed by a car salesman? Even if you don't, you have...

Suckers is the story of what REALLY goes on behind the scenes at a new car dealership. To pay off his mounting debts, Bobby DeLuca reluctantly applies for a job selling cars. Reggie, the general manager with the killer instinct, teaches Bobby the secrets on how to "bury" his customers. Caught in the midst of fast-paced car sales mayhem, Bobby discovers, to his dismay, that he has a talent for screwing people. Starring Murder One’s Daniel Benzali.

The Last Big Attraction - WORLD PREMIERE*


Writer/Director: Hopwood DePree

Producer: Michael Hagerty

Cinematography: Simms & Simms

Principle Cast: Christine Elise, Hopwood DePree, Victoria Haas, Richard Speight, Jr.

(90 min. / color) ROMANTIC COMEDY


*Director as well as other members of the cast and crew will be in attendance.

Remember traveling in the family station wagon and coming upon "Santa’s Village" in the desert or "Prehistoric Country" with gigantic fake dinosaurs? Michigan’s version is "Windmill Island," a landfill island with a large authentic windmill, wooden shoe carvers and candle makers. To some this is kitsch but to others it is something to aspire to. Leed yearns to leave the family "windmill" business. He meets a "summer cottage" girl who chooses him as her next experiment. She wants to mold him into a "cool guy" and remove the kitsch. The two worlds collide with hilarious and touching results.


The Waiting Game - MIDWEST PREMIERE*

Writer/Director: Ken Liotti

Producers: Mirjam Goldberg and Ken Liotti

Cinematography: Rich Eliano

Principle Cast: Dwight Ewell, Terumi Matthews

(88 min. / color) COMEDY

WINNER New York Comedy Film Festival - Audience Award (2nd place)

*The Director and Producer will be in attendance.

What does a tortured artist, feme fatale, ego-maniac, gay dancer, wanna-be supermodel, and an impotent bus-boy have in common ? Well...they work together for starters. This ensemble comedy love story chronicles the adventures and misadventures of a group of aspiring performers who wait tables at a New York City eatery called "Peter's Backyard". While the restaurant is a place of business, it's also a forum for everyone to work out the issues of life as they know it, or think they know it. Pitted against the New York culture jungle, the characters, serve up a prix fixe of artistic trauma, comedic insanity and thespian lust. We follow these characters as they struggle to keep their delicately balanced lives from coming unglued, in the urban warfare of the survival of the artist.


30, Still Single: Contemplating Suicide - WFF LOCAL SIGHTINGS SERIES*

Writer/Director: Greg Lanesey

Executive Producer: Paul Wyckoff

Producers: Matt Radecki, Greg Lanesey

Cinematographer: David Russell

Principle Cast: Christopher May, Rachel Reenstra (Saugatuck native); Jill Zimmerman, Jill Kaeeland, Wendy Braun, Terry Gaters, Stephani Victor

(88 min. / color) COMEDY - Mature Content

*Director's family lives in Holland. Lead actress is a Saugatuck native. Director as well as other members of the cast and crew will be in attendance.

"30, Still Single: Contemplating suicide" is a comedy about a young man from the Midwest, Mitchell Munson, who is looking for his "perfect woman" in Los Angeles. Mitchell struggles to hold on to his wavering, and often hypocritical, Catholic faith as he rides the emotional roller coaster of being 30 and still single. Although not actually contemplating suicide, Mitchell is exasperated and ready to throw in the towel. Ready to leave L.A before his insanity beats him, he flashes back to share his 7 years of dating hell. Candid female commentary presents "the other side of the story" in male/female relationships. The contrasts and comparisons are frank and often juxtaposed in a comic way.

84 Charlie Mopic -SPECIAL SCREENING*

Director: Patrick Sheane Duncan

Patrick Sheane Duncan is originally from the area. He has had much successes as a writer and director whose screenplays include Oscar nominated "Mr. Holland’s Opus" and "Courage Under Fire". Shot in 1988, "84 Charlie Mopic", a blue collar film, was his first film. It takes an insightful look at the tragedies and triumphs during war times. The film’s use of sustained takes contributes to its realistic nature and its dubbing as the most accurate Vietnam film ever made.

*Patrick will be on hand to answer questions about this film as well as his other successes.


Billy's Balloon

Director: Don Hertzfeldt

Cinematographer: Rebecca Moline

(5 min. / color) ANIMATED

OFFICAL SELECTION Cannes Film Festival, WINNER Slamdance Film Festival (Best of, Grand Jury Award - Best Short Film), Spike and Mike’s Festival of Animation

A twisted look at a little boy and his balloon.


Director: Clayton Rye

Principle Cast: Reggie Brown

(14 min., black & white) VIETNAM WAR DRAMA shot in 1975

WINNER Academy of TV Arts & Sciences Student Film Awards.

*The Director is a Michigan resident and will be in attendance.

In a flashback, a new soldier is baptized by fire in a Vietnam tragedy.


Director: Jason Rietman

A bank robbing expedition ending in disaster

Keys to Kingdom - MIDWEST PREMIERE*

Director: Nathaniel Geary

Producer: Wendy Hyman

(20 min. / color)

OFFICIAL ENTRY Vancouver International Film Festival (Best Short Film), Slamdance Film Festival.

*The Producer will be in attendance.

Witness the day-to-day conflicts and soul searching of one man’s desperate attempt to break a cycle of violence. Based on a poem by Bud Osborn.


Writers/Directors: Tony Gruba and Marci Nettles

Producer: Sue Corcoran

Cinematographer: Jeff Gatesman

Principle Cast: Rada Velligan, Andy Velligan, Gil Gaitan

(10 min. / color)

OFFICIAL ENTRY New York International Independent Film & Video Festival

*The Director will be in attendance.

A documentary style comedy concerning children’s perspectives of organized religion.

Lets Meet Johnny - MIDWEST PREMIERE*

Writer/Director: Stuart Matz

Producer: Amanda Booker

Cinematographer: Yann Blumeres

Principle Cast: Sean Gullette, Jaime Andrews, PJ Landers, Don Paccin

(5 min. / color)

OFFICIAL ENTRY Palm Beach International Film Festival

A tongue in cheek look at what could happen in the modern film industry.


Writer/Director: Miles Swarthout

Based on a story by the late: Glendon Swarthout

Producers: Lisa Greene & Peter Barnett

Cinematography: David West

Principle Cast: Tippi Hedren, Marcia Rodd

(22 min / color)

WINNER Best Comedy Short, Houston Worldfest

*The Director is originally from Michigan and he will be in attendance.

Tippi Hedren (Alfred Hitchcock’s "The Birds"), takes the lead in this comedy about two widows fulfilling the last wish of one of their husbands.

My Dinner with Andre...the Giant - WORLD PREMIERE

Director: Tim Ryan

(5 min. / color)

*The Director will be in attendance

What one man is willing to trade to "make it" in Hollywood.


Director: Jon Foulk

(6 min. / black & white) ANIMATED

OFFICIAL SELECTION Chicago International Film Festival, South by Southwest

An organ grinder rules over his organ - forcing its inhabitants, schlomos, to dance to extinction.


Director: Philip Holahan

Producer: Heidi Swedberg

Principle Cast: Philip Holahan, Heidi Swedberg

(4 min. / color)

OFFICIAL SELECTION Sundance Film Festival

*Director will be in attendance

Mr. Footface risks his life for nookie.


Director: Leanna Creel

Producers: Leanna Creel, Michael Burns

Principle Cast: Kristine Kirsten Reid, Elaine Williams, Adam Reid

(46 min. / color)

*Director will be in attendance.

The documentary chronicles Kristine’s struggle with cancer, it also chronicles the story of her best friend, Elaine who has won a lottery ticket to go on "The Big Spin." While Kristine fights for her life, Elaine contemplates how her life would change if she won the $2 million jackpot lottery. It is an emotional, tragic, and yet joyful journey.

Tupperware Party - WORLD PREMIERE

Director: Tracey Needham

Producers: Tracey Needham, Gina D’Orazio

Cinematographer: Hugo Cortina

Principle Cast: Tracey Needham, Tommy Hinkley, Kamala Dawson, Nadia Dajani, Amanda Wyss

(30 min. / color)

A serio-comic look at five women facing their insecurities about aging and relationships.

Two In The Morning - WORLD PREMIERE

Writer/Director: Michele Remsen

Cinematographer: David Armstrong

Principle Cast: Selma Blair, Peter Frechette

(16 min/color)

*The Director will be in attendance.

Two lonely people meet at two in the morning and fumble through inadvertent revelations and unexpected affinities.


Director: Adam Cohen

Producer: Ali MacLean

Cinematographer: George Mitas

Principle Cast: Chris Hardwick, Lindsy Sloane, Paul F. Thompkins

(9 min. / color)

OFFICIAL ENTRY US Comedy Arts Fest / Aspen

Everett Vance is a teen idol whose last film bombed at the box office. Needing the publicity, he agrees to have dinner with Dalia, the winner of a call in radio contest. His career on the rocks, Everett begrudgingly dines with the young, bubbly fan only to discover himself liking her more and more and more.


Writer/Director/Producer: Marc Meyers

Cinematographer: Tom Agnello

Principle Cast: Mark Doskow, Andrew Obradovic, Nina Sheveleva, Michael Waelter

(25 min. / black & white)

OFFICIAL ENTRY Nantucket Film/Video Shorts

*The Director will be in attendance.

Takes a look at a day in the life of a marginal New York City restaurant. While they wait for customers, a Russian hostess and her Croatian and American waiters wrestle with the inability to change their separate lives.

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